Allen (allengator86) wrote,

I've Had Too Much Caffeine, But I'm Not Wired

I'm totally not in my right mind, so of course now would be an excellent time to blog.

I was up waaaaaaaaaaaay too late last night. So on top of that, I just upped my caffeine intake and everything is ok. I am REALLY tired, and could become very volitle and irritable fast, so Web Dev I will probably annoy me today. Don't get me wrong. I love the material in there, and the teacher is awesome, but the students....oi.

It is a dual enrollment class, which means that half of the class is made up of high schoolers. Usually, I can tollerate it, but this bunch has grated on my nerves waaaaay too much lately. All they talk about is gaming this and gaming that. "You need to level up your ogre." "Did you reach the final level yet?" "This rpg is epic" and the like. It was ok at first, but when it is a work day, those guys do not. All they do is talk and talk and talk. Also, the last class period, they sounded full of themselves, which comes with the territory, I guess. We are doing a CSS competition, and they are ripping apart anybody else's site that was not one of their own. One person's, who was lucky not to be in our section, got his ripped for about a good 20 minutes. I wanted to go back there and slap them. Sadly, some of their pages are nice, but if I were that person, I would have let them have it. These guys walk the fine line between arrogance and ignorance. That is why I am NOT looking forward to Web development today or next Tuesday. The class would be perfect, except for them. I know it sounds harsh, but kids that age shouldn't be ripping pages (although, with all due respect, they did say that my page was one of the best. They didn't know it was mine because the pages are linked by school id's, not by name, but they mentioned my id and said, "this person's is really good").

Anyways, kid tirade aside, I feel like my intelligence is being pulled from end to end, and my brain is getting ready to implode. I want to nap, but I have to drive, so that is not optimal. Instead, I will just drive the way I am now. I will have to say that my balance is horrible today. When climbing up steps, I felt almost like falling backwards, conking my head and stuff. When climbing down, I took it real slow (usually I barrel down steps), and almost felt like falling again, except face first, while it would hurt, not be fatal.

Anyways, thoughts about death aside, I am doing good, I think, last I checked, which was a few seconds ago. Right now could be anyone's guess, in which case "right now" was a few seconds ago...

I really need to go work on my project and stuff. I'll see everyone when I see them.

The Allengator

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