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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Nerds R Us Extra - Lost Episode Review: 4-24-08
Ice King, Adventure Time
My review of the epic episode from last week's 'Lost'. When making the file, I named it after the date it aired, which was 4-24-08. I named the file without the dashes and it named it 42408. Break it up and you have 42 4 8, 3 of the 'cursed numbers' :D!

I am not sure if I can do this every week, but I just had to do this because the last episode rocked my socks.

By the way, sorry about the quality of the audio. Long story short, I thought the lappy recognized my headset, but it didn't, so the onboard microphones were used, which picks up noise like its no one's business. I was too busy/lazy to redo it.

I should have another extra up hopefully this week. I have a rather big project to work on for school, but after that, I should have some more free time until after finals, which I will have more time for the podcast :D!

Nerd Out!

The Allengator