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Social Networking Wars - SuperNews Video
Ice King, Adventure Time
I am a firm believer that 97.2% of people abuse social networking sites. That means roughly 3 of my friends do not abuse that privalege. The rest fall into the "sins" of the social networking sites that I mentioned a while back. This video backs up my claim.

I mean the world is terrible when it comes to these sites. Myspace IS full of skanky photos and "cam sites", as well as bulletin mongers. Facebook is full of people desperately wanting me to add an application, almost all of which I block. Second Life I used for, like, two weeks, until I realized that most of it is full of festishists want sex with a furry who is into feet. I have never, nor will ever, use Friendster. Other sites that belong here are Hi5, Bebo, and Flickr.

I am glad that Facebook added a "block all requests from friend" thingie. I put a warning on there, and will reiterate it here, that anyone who abuses me being their friend by spamming me with application requests that I will not join, will be put on my banned list. I'm sorry, but they should know better, and how else will they learn. I would ban all, but I do get a good one once in a blue moon, which I never invite anyone else to, because I do not want the same fate. This is just for people who send me requests anywhere from 3-5 times a week. on average. If it is once in a great while, you're fine. I do hate the fact that facebook doesn't allow what is shown on your home page anymore. I really could care less if one of my friends posted on someone's wall I do not know. I'm sorry, but its true.

Then again, this is all coming from a guy who compulsively blogs/imports notes. So am I a hypocrite? I don't think so. I am not reminding you everytime that I have a new note. I am not shoving it down your throat. It is just a commentary from my life, so you may inderstand why I do what I do sometimes.

In closing, I think that networking sites can be good, but people just can't restrain themselves. So with that in mind, please enjoy the following video attachment. It is awesome!

It's funny, because it's true.

The Allengator