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Nerds R Us 2.13 (Season Finale)!!! (Audio Fixed 4-20-08)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Yes, it is true. This is the season 2 finale. I will be taking some time off because of school, not from life, but I just will not have the free time needed to dedicate to the podcast.

With that said, this week's Nerds R Us is a big 'un childrens! It is the biggest one I have ever made, clocking in about 31-32 minutes. Why so long? Well, listen and find out! It is a nice special, and writing about it would ruin the suprise ;)! In addition to the regular items, there are not one, but TWO easter eggs tagged on the end this time!

Needless to say 56K WARNING XD!!!

Download the mp3.

Yes, as mentioned, I will be periodically releasing "mini-pods" of season 2 extras in the 5+ weeks the podcast is off. They include bloopers, segments taken out, and some random material. I have no idea what the release schedule will be, but that's part of the fun, right? ;). I think I have at least 7 extras to release between now and then.

This season has been fun, but all fun things do have to go away eventually, but don't worry. It WILL be back. I thank you for listening, and....

Nerd(s) Out!

(EDIT: 4-20-08: Fixed the audio problem. Its gonna take me a while longer than expected coming back because I loathe the <EMBED> tag...)

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