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Fan Fiction, or Fan Afliction
Ice King, Adventure Time
As you can see from today's Petey adventure, I have a high disregard for fan fiction.

This tirade will not be in full. That will be in the future.

I mean, in my dumber and younger days, I enjoyed reading a good fanfic, which, my standards were low anyhow. I then realized that the only good books were the LICENSED books at bookstores. Why? Well, there are several errors that 99% of all fan fiction possesses. I will not go into them in full for now, as I will need this for a summer-my-life-is-boring entry.

Here are the basics. They create their own characters, which are usually omnipotent, totally skew the character they are writing for, kill off characters, make a cartoony show unnecessarily overdramatic, and so forth. I am at the point to where I can't STAND fan fiction anymore. A good writer can seamlessly work a script into a show without it being too different. Most show have different writers and producer's for each episode, yet they do not lose the continuity of the characters and story arcs.

Anyways, seeing that the last "Petey" was a bit different, I decided to write a new one, which will be up in a day or so, depending on how the internet/life is doing.

Side note: No, there is no paticular reason I changed a crapload of stuff on my facebook profile. I just felt like it. Tough noogies.

Bye for now.

The Allengator