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Okuru Kotobaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

I have founded a new appreciation for J-Pop. I have been listening to the soundtracks for "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!" and "Moero! Nekketsu Rizumu Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2", long titles, but awesome music. My paticular favorites would be "Thrill" by Tomoyasu Hotei and "Okuru Kotaba" by Flow. Awesome music. I am going to get "Moero! Nekketsu Rizumu Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2" with some of my birthday money (yes, I still have some left because I have suck a fascinating life), since it is on sale on For those not in the know, remember when I did my review on "Elite Beat Agents"? Well, Ouendan is the game the Americanized EBA came from.

I think I have FINALLY made a decision about what to do about my class. To sum it up, I am withdrawaling from it. I'll go to class today to see if there is anything left for me, then I'm going to student services and withdrawaling. I am not proud of this. I am not proud at all. In fact, I nearly hate myself for it, but I just decided my teacher doesn't care about his students enough for me to put forth the effort. A good teacher should be able to teach nearly anyone the material. It is not that I am not learning, au contraire. I learned a TON in that class, but since it is not required for graduation, and I am making at best a C in there, I'm going to drop it like a bad girlfriend, well, not that I ever had any experiences with a bad girlfriend. All of them have been good to them I mean Erin, because she has been the only one. I have talked to many people about it, weighed every consequence, tried to reason with the teacher, but it convinced me that the time to learn all of this is not now. I think withdrawaling is better than a D or F on my transcript, which would be permanent and employers will see it.

Work is getting ready for inventory. Yee, freakin' Haw. I am not excited, but after this, work will be MUCH easier for me until next holiday season, assuming I am still at Baal-Mart.

Yes, I will be working on the Geek's Weekly tomorrow and/or Friday. For anyone who listens to the podcast, you should know what this one will be about. Then, hopefully, if I can get my ducks in a row, will have the next one, which will initiate a small hiatus between seasons (perfect timing for finals).

Everyone be careful tonight, because the sun is out. Supposedly, if the sun came out today, and warmed stuff up, then it will heighten our chances for severe weather this evening. Oi.

I have had this vision of my next hugely awesome blog entry in my head for over a year. By huge, I mean it will take possibly longer than a couple of hours to write. A plain entry like this typically takes me about 20 minutes, but this will involve me making pictures. Let's just say that it will be epic, and, especially since I have been working in retail at Baal*Mart, it is one, if not THE biggest annoyance. People just need to learn.

I miss the daily Infomanias :(. For those not in the know, Infomania has went from a daily pod show, anywhere from 1-4 pods a weekday, roughly 2-4 minutes long, to a half hour show, once a week. Not only is it less show, but once a week. Ick! How am I going to fill the rest of the time of the week? *Saddened* The first show is today, but I have no idea when it will be online.

Ok, so this is taking longer than 20 minutes, but I talked with someone, and been rocking out to Okuru Kotaba. Awexome song!

Well, I guess that really is it. I'll talk to all of you later!

The Allengator

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