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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Two Audio Treats, and Go For Broke Day!!!
Ice King, Adventure Time
Hey, I have two audio treats for you! The first is a Nerds R Us Special Announcement, which, in retrospect, is nothing special, but will clue you in on where I am at and where I am headed with the podcast.

Download the mp3..

The next is a special audioblog. I meant to talk about it on the Nerds R Us one, but I forgot.

Download the mp3..

I would have cobbled the two of these together, but I am lazy. Anyways, it is about tomorrow, which is being called "Go for Broke Day". This is just a little of the information I could find, so find somethign exciting to do tomorrow! Go crazy!

Time for me to go somewheres and do something.

The Allengator