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C++ Can Kiss My....Eyes

Hey, hope I didn't fool you too much about the "hacker" things on Tuesday ;). Just an April Fool's hoax everybody! It gave me a chance to remodel my blogs anyways.

Again, thanks for all of the nice birthday wishes. I really appreciate them all!

As far as that goes, I didn't do much special that day, except went out to eat with my family. Coincidently, it was the first night we all had off together, and we haven't had a sit-down meal at a place in a long time, so it was a nice time. I wish we had more times like that, but it doesn't happen too often, especially since my sister and I are older and have jobs now.

I have a ton of homework for this weekend. In order by difficulty and time, I have a chapter in accounting due, then a website for Web Development 1, then the stupid bookstore program in the class I will probably drop because of the attrocious teaching going on.

We are learning about pointers, and all I can get out is that pointers are "point"less, which I am sure is not the case. The way he teaches it, the way the book potrays it, just makes it seem pointless to ever need a pointer, yet we must lear about it. The only people passing the calss are ones that write code of Linux. Now tell me this, should THEY be in a tech. college? NO! THey should be a MIT or somewhere where the uber intelligent gifted people go. I think for learning a new language in an advanced class, I am doing well, but the class has put a permanent stain on C++ that I will never forget. After this class, no more of that. I'll go with a better language, like C#, java, or, dare I say it, Visual Basic. Yes, I am THAT desperate.

The grading is even worse. How many college courses, especially in computer science, where you have over 70% of your grade based on tests. Now, some classes do that, like upper level mathematics, but that does not depend on performance as much. Even in English or History, you can do some basic homework or papers to help even out the grade, and even then, after all the work you put into is, it owuld still be at least, AT LEAST 50% of your grade, if the teacher is halfway helpful. Imagine working on a project to where you spend over three weeks trying to get a program to work, over 600 lines of code to create, a few hours to debug, and have it only worth 5% or less of your grade. No. Not right. then you get a test of 30 questions. 30 of the hardest, most mind numbing and brain twisting questions to ever have existed, and have that be about 30% of your overall grade. Not right, right?

Lectures are almost completely theoretical. Rarely an example, or at least an example that makes since or could be seen as practical. I thrive on examples. I learn most from example. What do I get? Questions from the Geek Squad, about things I have never heard of. I was talking to a good guy before class that has similar views that I have. We are the outsiders while the rest talk about source code and documentation. It's disgusting. In a bigger class, I normally wouldn't care, but in a tiny class of five, it gets irritating quick. Nothing against the guys, but on a daily basis, about 3-4 times during class, we get their scramble. I just don't appreciate it as much as I should, I guess. It just feels like I need a translator sometimes. Its like they speak another language.

It is not all bad, but they could have chosen a better book and teacher. I just hope I do not get this treatment again, but I am sure I will. I wanted to take C++ in order to be exposed to the many tools that posseses within. I have learned a LOT, but I have hardl anything that shows for it, and I think that is what bothers me the most. I am NOT used to being at the BOTTOM of a class. Yeah, I have the worst grade in there. While it is a C for now, I am not sure if I can maintain it. I just hope that I get some idea of where I am at before the final withdraw date. If I don't, then I'll drop anyhow. What kind of teacher keeps your grade a secret, keeps you in the dark about how you are doing, doesn't grade assignments until the last part of the semester, and never gives you a grade progress, except for mid-term? I get my scores on tests, but that is it. In my other classes, if I was not up to date, I would at least have assignments to gauge where I was at. I have no cluse where I am in this class, which bothers me.

Sorry to rant so much. It may not make any sense to someone who is not in the field, but trust me, this is the greatest challenge I have ever taken in academics, and I feel like I am failing miserably, which is a first, I might add. My other classes I get A's or high B's in, especially in programming. I know how to work my way around a program and syntax. Why am I not doing good? The teacher is a nice guy and easily the smartest person I ever met, but he can not teach to save his life. A selected few may understand, but this geek just can not understand any of this.

Sorry if you heard these rants before, but I am on the heels of making an important decision. I hope I make the right one when the time comes.

In less ranty news, I made a webpage I am proud of today, well, context-wise. It can be located here. I hope you enjoy it.

With that, I'm off. See you on the flop-side (Super Paper Mario reference)!

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