Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Nerds R Us 2.11

First off, I am really sorry for the lateness. The powers that be were not with me this week. It started with me reincarnating the lappy's operatin system, then getting Brawl (!!!!!), then getting sick (sinus/allergy/flu thingie), then schoolwork, then a take home test >.<, THEN the internet goes kablooey, AGAIN!!! We got it last night, but I was still feeling crummy.

Note, this was recorded last week, because I anticipated me not getting time to do this, so no official word on Brawl.

Note: the second, Yes, I know I promised an initial Brawl audio. I have, before I reincarnated the lappy, but I backed it up. I just do not have the time to get it, but if all goes according to plan, I will have it by next week. I am VERY sorry for the lateness, but, as stated, TPTB were not with me this week.

One last word. There may or may not be an official Nerd's R Us next week. I will do whatever I can to get one done, but no promises. My voice is still messed up, and school/life may happen more. I just don't know. No, I am not giving up on a tiny podcast but I can not do one if I don't have the essential ingrediants like a voice and time. If I think there will not be one, I'll post on here again.

Enough type, onto the actual podcast. This time I talk about the future of Geek's Weekly and the season so far of Lost (not including this or possibly last week's episode. I am not sure....)

Download the mp3..

Nerd Out!

The Allengator 
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