Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Broken Lappies and Cookin' Hippies

Hey, well, after complaining about DSL yesterday, CenturyTel decided to one-up me and FIXED it. Yup. I am back on the net and blazing a trail of internet blogging like never before.


...I....uh.....have nothing to talk about.............


My lappy is sick :(. I have no idea what is wrong with it. It sounds like a virus, except I haven't been on the Internet on here since Sunday, and this developed last night, before the net was back on. Here is my symptoms (so I can cut and paste to a few expert knowledge centers):

I run Windows Vista Home Premium. It has been extremely unresponsive the past 48 hours. When certain programs run, they will hang up, or make other parts of the operating system crash. Here is a rough list of what I found:

  • Help and Support does not come up, and causes the taskbar to be unresponsive.
  • About 15 minutes into startup, Windows Live OneCare gives me an error message.
  • I can not install a virus scanner like Avast.
  • The "network" icon in the system tray is showing me as "not connected", and will not respond to left/right click". Other icons will work, however.
  • New tabs/windows in IE7 causes said program to crash
  • Basically, any program that needs internet connectivity hangs (messengers, updaters, etc.)
  • .wmv video files causes the Windows Media Player to crash, (but not .avi or music files, just video files. I downloaded some episodes of a tv show from Amazon). When anything runs on there, it responds to play/pause/etc. VERY slowly.
  • Anytime I try to create an icon, move it, or delete it, the window that shows "how many seconds" comes up, and never goes away.
  • System restore does not seem to function at all.

That is just all I can think of off the top of my head. In addition, anytime I run any of the above programs, even if it executes correctly, can only be shut off by using the task manager and "end process" button. Overall, the system seems to just be a tad bit slower than normal, but not really noticeable. I am currently trying to run an online virus scanner to see if anything pops up (which none of the anti virus programs can run with the exception of spybot, which just scans for spyware). Can anyone come up with an idea to help me out? Thanks!

Yeah, my lappy has issues. WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE WHEN THE INTERNET CAME BACK? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE RIGHT BEFORE BRAWL'S RELEASE???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

On a brighter note, I watched the "Create" digital station last night, and thoroughly enjoyed the late night programming. Maybe it was because I was tired. Maybe it was the people. I don't know, but I watched one that had Jewish people on there (well, they kept throwing around the word "kosher", and sponsored by Jewish food companies), and they were making some sort of noodles dish, except instead of tomato or cheese, they were using yogurt (?) and cinnamon. There were other ingredients, but I don't remember off the top of my head. Anyways, the main host was a loudmouth, and was yelling at his assistants ("I need that done in half a second" "That is how you are NOT to do it, folks" "Are you stupid? What did I just say?" "What is WITH you and your QUESTIONS?" "Is that ALL you do?" ). I was laughing my butt off. As amateurish as the people were, I was hoping for some blood being drawn.

Then there was a real letdown. After that, a show came on that I dub "The Hippie Cooking Show Half Hour". This long haired lady teacher how to make dishes completely out of fruits, vegetables, soy milk, and tofu. One was a recipe for some sort of orange salad (yes...oranges) with a PEPPER topping ("Sweet and spicy should be together, like Romeo and Juliet" - said Hippie). Then she made some hummus with pita chips (I will admit that it was the best looking one. Ouch! Evidently, it was to be made as a party dish so you can indoctrinate people into your hippie society). Then the final dish combined all of my least favorite foods: beans, onions, celery, whole tomatoes, seeds, peas, and whole jalepenos. Guess what, while the beans are pressure cooked, we had other entertainment. Guess what it was. That's right, a hippie band, complete with 0 electronics, brass, or woodwind. Just a guitar, brushed drums, and a guy who should NEVER be allowed to sing ("I want some of that Bean-Celery-Onion soup" - said Hippie singer who gives hostess hippie a HUGE bowl, to which she replies "Gotta feed my men", which she ISN'T DATING OR IS MARRIED TOO). I was very uncomfortable watching the last third of the program. Terrible foods AND terrible music. So I switched to the all weather station. Ah, weather!

That is all for today. I will cross my fingers and hope that I can get this week's Geek's Weekly up. Technical difficulties right now point to "no", but I will spend as much time as I can fixing my problems.


The Allengator

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