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There is one MAJOR annoying thing about OTC, and this is something other people can attest to, and that is:

The parking.

I know what most of you are thinking, "Why is parking such a big deal?" Well, let me tell you.

OTC's mascot is the Eagle. Yes, we are the OTC Eagles, "Caw, Caw". OTC is only a technical college, so techniclaly we do not participate in sporting events, well, as a college anyhow. That is probably why no one has ever heard of the Eagles. What is my point? Well, IF OTC were to excell at one event, sporting or no, it would be extreme parking.


Extreme parking.

I am pretty sure we have the highest accident rate in Springfield as far as parking lots go, mainly because we have the cheapest tuition around, ans thus have a higher enrollment. No dorms or anything. I honestly believe OTC didn't expect such a huge surge of enrollment, which is now hitting around 12000+ last I heard (though probably lower due to people dropping). The deal is this. If you show up after 8:00 AM, it is SOL to finding ANY parking spot. No exaggerating. I only go Tuesdays/Thursdays, and I find the first half of the week, Tuesday, to be busier. Back when I also went on Wednesdays and Fridays it was the same. Fridays are usually not bad because the main classes in session are Gen. Ed. classes, because most trade classes do not meet on Friday.

Anyways, most of the students there are VERY aggressive drivers. I mean VERY VERY agressive. If you park, for instance, and go in reverse to square up your car, there will be another one trying to edge into your spot....right behind you....already turned toward your spot.....just a shark in water.


I try to wave them on, but they won't have it. You are backing away from your spot, guy, so that means you are clearly giving it up. That is 72% of the people's mentallity there.

Now I try my best not to be as snarky and such, but some people just push me. Ok, between my first and second classes, I have a substantial enough of a break to go to my car and grab my books for the rest of the day. I keep my books in the passenger side of the car. Keep that in mind. Ok, so I am going to my car, opening said side door, and opening my bag, taking the book out, and start putting books into my bag. At this time there are 1-2 cars lined up, betting that I am leaving my nice spot, which my spot is usually not too nice, but hey. I wave them on. They sit there........waiting. I wave them on again. I know they see me wave them. Nope. They sit there like a bump on a concrete log. This is where my snarkiness kicks in.

Person waiting in car: Are you getting out?
Me: Yeah, I TOTALLY use the PASSENGER side of my car to drive.....
Person waiting in car: Oh...sorry....

Person waiting in car: Hey, can I have your spot.
Me: You were right behind the last guy, in earshot. Do you think I show paritallity to complete strangers?
Person waiting in car: I'll give you $3 for that spot.
Me: Should have came earlier. They're free then.

Person waiting in car: Are you leaving?
Me: No. (Thinks: Please leave me alone)
Person waiting in car: I'll wait anyways.....

Idiots. I WISH those were exaggerations. I wish......unfortunately, they are not. I nearly get ran over because of people trying to get a parking spot. Maybe not a good one, but A parking spot. Here is another one.

Today I was grabbing my books, again, keep in mind I am using the passenger side. A person comes through, and since one side of the parking loop is a one way, goes to one intersection, makes a 3-point turn, and comes towards me, looks carefully (which I HATE because it makes me think people are looking at my goods in my car, and might break in and steak them), and went the direction so they could make the loop. I was doen and walking away from my car. The same car that looped came around, saw that I was walking away from my car, and I saw her sneer at me. I, of course, gave a GREAT BIG cheesy grin, just to rub it in.

Man, some people........

So now if you ever hear me talk about parking situations again, you know what I am talking about. I mean this is in the middle of Hicksville. I know in major cities like Chicago and New York that it is run-of-the-mill, but here? Yeah.......

I do my best to not have road rage, or in this case, parking lot rage, and I usually don't, but other people need to calm down some.....

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little insight into extreme parking. Remember the cardinal rules to getting a spot.

  1. Get there before 7:45 AM or after 5:15 PM.
  2. Don't put a lot of faith in people who look like they are going to leave.
  3. If you are going to buy someone's spot, use more than $10.
  4. Use your head, not your horn.
  5. And finally, if all else fails, just park on a big dirt pile (have seen done, and we have plenty of them).

And now you are ready for extreme parking.

The Allengator
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