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Curly Fries Are Good

You know what I find odd? The fact that on days that I do not have much to do, I don't blog, but on days that I am busier (read: today), I all of a sudden feel the need to blog. Funny.

Speaking of funny, today is "Super Tuesday". We have had about 3 calls each from Hillary Clinton and John McCain. I hate to say it, but as far as Missouri is concerned, they have the state in the bag. Looking at poll numbers, Clinton has more numbers than Obama. Good news though! The primary will be far from determining the candidate! Unless there is a unamimous decision (which there is no hope of), both will continue past these primaries. As far as Republicans go, well, let's just say I am fairly sure it'll be between McCain and Romney. Huckabee may have a chance, but honestly, he has not won a primary since Iowa, so I hold little hopes for him.

I don't have an idea who I am voting for. I will say that I will not be voting for Romney. He just proves that money will get you anywhere, which is a message I loathe. Who cares about his policies, just look how he is getting money.

Another person I am not voting for, as of now, is Hillary Clinton. I don't know why, but she just rubs me the wrong way. I do believe she would be an excellent leader, better than any of the Republicans, but just please, PLEASE, get rid of Bill, Hillary. He is what is killing your comapign in my eyes. Many may disagree, but he is getting more attention than you are, as far as the press is concerned. This does not mean I will not vote for her, don't get me wrong. If she gets the nomination, I'll be all for her.

As far as Obama is concerned, he concerns me. I do like him better than Hillary, at the moment, but the stupid experience vs. hope debate comes up. I think Hillary could make just as good decisions as him, but he has one thing, and he is pressing it hard. He is trying to personify the American dream, which we forget from time to time. Does that mean he will be a good leader, not necessarily. He comes off as a charismatic, smooth-talking, candidate to me. I'm so torn right now.

Yes, I am going to vote democratic, since I am forced to choose. This does not mean that I am against morals, but we need help with the economy. Stimulus package or not, the Republicans, overall, do not care for the individual, at least that is the impression I get. I have never heard of so many corporate ties since Bush took over. FIGHT THE MAN!!!!!!!!! Er, I mean, not trying to sound selfish, but I am looking out for myself.

Grr, I went all political on you again, sorry. It really wasn't funny either...hmmm....

HOW ABOUT THEM GIANTS??????????????????

No, I will not go there.

I should get paid for doing this for you guys. Seriously. I would LOVE to get some supplemental income in addition to this.

Oh, I looked at Brawl's soundtrack. Over 300 Musics total. Over 200 is actual music. WOW. He really DID go overboard with that.

Oh yeah, check out "Rambo vs. Terror" from SuperNews. Such funniness there!

Anyways...I'm going to go learn junk now. It seems to be all that school exists for....I think. Have a nice day everybody!

The Allengator

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