Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Angry Bob + Couches = XD

(Usual "The Adventures of Angry Bob" beginning omitted this time.)

Angry Bob was angry. "I will fly a kite," he said. "Flying a kite will make me happy." So Angry Bob walked to the store.

"Hello," he said to the man at the store, "I would like to purchase a kite." "I am sorry," said the man, " but I am out of kites. Perhaps you'd like a couch." "A couch?" said Bob, "Why would I want a couch?" "Because couches are nice," said the man, "And they make people happy." Convinced, Bob bought a couch and carried it from the store over his head.

Arriving at the field, he paused, "The man was correct," thoguht Bob, "This couch will bring me happiness." And for the first time in his 39 years, Bob smiled.

And threw the couch into the air.

It did not fly.

Bob was crushed like a soft biscuit.

Moral: Always read the user's manual.

Man, how does Rat/Pastis do it? I thought he was going to stop doing the Angry Bobs for the stupid romance ones or the *shudder* Danny Donkey ones. I am gald he didn't forget those of us who live for these Angry Bob strips.

Rat/Pastis, try not to make it almost a year before releasing the next one, m'kay?

The Allengator
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