Allen (allengator86) wrote,

I Want to Leave this Town

After yesterday's tirade of sorts, I am back to myself again.

I really want to leave Marshfield right now. The people here make me want to eat my own vomit. I'm sorry, but its not the picturesque retirement village some would believe. I have never seen so many openly hateful people congregated in the worst possible place.

That's right, Baal*Mart.

The last two days has made me fully committed to leaving of a town. I am tired of seeing partiallity among people, the rudeness, drunk, smoking, profanity-laden, drunk, rude, unintelligent, provacative, drunk, stoned, racist and people who want everyone to snap at their whim.

Part of this is fueled from my recent distaste in people, the rest os from work. I mean, I know this town has a history of KKK meetings, even to this day, but when you start making rude comments to my friend, who may be black, I take offense to it too, and you are not the only one who does.

Now I know I can't run away from racism, idiots, or rudeness, but there are towns MUCH better than Marshfield. I would take a more hustle bustle place than a town full of people, most who will probably go to hell for their actions.......

Crap, just realized I went on ANOTHER tirade. Clearly I'm a trailblazer. Need to end on a good note...........................

Oh yeah, I did pick up a new favorite phrase. "Dang, Skippy". It just rolls off the tongue. So if you say something I coherently agree with, you will probably hear me say, "Dang, Skippy". Heh.

I'm out.

The Allengator

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