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SSBB Info - Full Character Roster Revealed!!!


There is SSBB info coming in at lightning speed! I am totally going to be up later than usual now! So far here is what I know:

Confirmed Characters:

  1. Luigi - FS: unknown
  2. Marth - FS: unknown
  3. Ness - FS: Just like Lucas's
  4. Captain Falcon - FS: Blue Falcon
  5. Game & Watch - FS: Giant Squid Thingie???
  6. Falco Lombardi - FS: Fox's
  7. Lucario - FS: unknown
  8. Ganondorf - FS: Twilight Princess Ganon (EPIC!!! So far the only epic though -_-*) (Rumor: Captain Falcon Clone *Facepalm*)
  9. ..........R.O.B. NOT ROB64, but R.O.B. ...........................I only have one sting of words for this "#$@$#@%, !#$@, !#@*,!*%^&, !$#@%*!, @%!#@$ %&!#@ $!@*#%!*%@!%*!!!!!!!!!!!" Wow, that actually drove me to sorry. I'm going to go pray for forgivness now.....wait....@##@$#@, ok, now I go. - FS: Who Cares? (unknown)
  10. WindWaker Link - FS: unknown\
  11. Wolf - FS: SAME AS FOX'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confirmed Stages:

  1. Final Destination
  2. Green Hill Zone
  3. Port Town - Aero Drive (F-Zero)
  4. Pirate Ship Stage from WindWaker (Possibly Tetras?)
  5. Electroplankton

Other News:

  1. Ridley is just a boss *inserts fanboys crying here* (I honestly could care less).
  2. Ok, I am going to say this based on the leaks thus far, according to a highly regarded Japanese game site, "Sonic is a $#@#$ to unlock", which can kind of now be confirmed through him not being unlocked almost 24 hours in......
  3. Sad to say, but the "35 Nightmare" roster is real. I repeat, it is real. After unlocking Wolf, the player got a screen that said "Congraturations, you have unlocked all of the characters". This is indeed a sad say.

More info as I know about it! No SSE spoilers though. That will remain spoiler free until the US launch.

My thoughts on the roster in the next Geek's Weekly.

The Allengator

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