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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Green Socks at 7:24
Ice King, Adventure Time
Sorry about not updating for the past few days, people.  Blogging is deffinately a hobby of mine, and I love telling you guy(s) about my life and such.  I hate to say it, but blogging will be towards the bottom of my priorities for a while, with school and everything.  The Geek's Weekly will continue without interruption.  

I spent a good chunk of my weekend doing research and doing homework.  C++ took the longest, as expected, but I got the bare minumum done, so I am happy about that.  I will see what modifications he wants on tomorrow.  Basically, he gave us a human vs. computer tic-tac-toe game, and wanted us to convert it to a 4 x 4, human vs. human connect four game, gravity included.  Well, I was scared that I wouldn't get it done. but I did manage to get the 4x4 grid and human vs. human part to work on the first hour.  So I guess it was tic-tac-toe......er....tok?  Whatever its called, so all I needed was the gravity.  I finally got it figured out last night.

Now before you say anything, no, I am not releasing the dumb "game".  Why?  There are better java games out there.  The game I made is completely text-based, so its not much fun.

Speaking of games, I am trying to figure out what to do with the Geek's Weekly, as far as SSBB is concerned.  Now granted, I will continue to talk about it for a good while, but after, say, a few months, then what?  I won't have a game to rag about!  There are no other games "in development" that will generate much more buzz.  Maybe Guitar Hero IV/DS?  Rock Band (rumored) for the Wii?  Maybe the next untitled Legend of Zelda game?  Who knows?  

Anyways, that is a ways off.  I am going to go ahead and do some more net surfing before work.  It sounds like a storm is coming.  No, not meant ot be ominous.  Literally, a storm is coming.  Unlike two weeks ago, its just sleet mixed with snow.  I REALLY hope it doesn't effect my drive to work tongiht and school tomorrow.  We shall see.

Until next time.

The Allengator