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The Blue Turkey

I really should be reading for my tough chapter 1 quiz right now, but I don't feel like it.  I'm lazy :P.  Besides, it is over the first chapter in my HTML class, in which I already know the first few chapters through experience.  I am skimming it, but I already know about what HTML stands for and W3C, so I'm ready irregardless.

Anyways, working on my blog is HTML practice for me, especially on LiveJournal.  The reason my posts on Facebook are doubled or non existant when I am like, "listen/watch this" is because there is not support for higher HTML in the Facebook  notes.  I looked for a different app to use on there, but the closest I got is the SuperWall, which I am taking down.  I do try to incorporate what HTML I can in every entry on here, by memory.  Some I just can't, like the specialized embedding of certain streamed audio, but usually I can input what I have too.  In other words, I am ready for some hard core DHTML and such.  Heh.

Also, the next Geek's Weekly will be up either tonight or tomorrow (two entries in one day, Heaven forbid!)  I may not blog as much this weekend due to homework and other activities.  I will be online, just not blogging, as sometimes it takes a while to get an entry running.  I would have had more things ready, but I had to completely redo the Geek's Weekly for this week, in light of the delay, and then I had to redo it about three times in the same day, because of what programs I was using and so forth.  In addition, my voice is pretty screwed up, so I tired to cut out as much as I could.  I also wanted to sync the last part of my entry with the video I am including.  There was some effort put into it, so I hope you do enjoy it.

I will probably have to exhaust any energy I have into my programming class, since I have to learn the basic syntax of a different programming language in just a few weeks, which would normally be a semester.  I am getting some confidence that I can do it, with the help of one of my friends who has been helping me some, and I FINALLY got the obligatory "Hello World" one to work.  I think as long as I can learn a new thing every day, such as decisions, repetitions, etc., I should be fairly caught up, and hopefully be ready ny the time we get to the advanced stuff (which as of now sounds pretty hard core and stuff that would be useful in advanced programs).  

With any luck, the semester will go fairly smoothly.  One of the reasons I dropped math was to avoid tedious exercises, doing about 40-50 per class period, so my workload will be considerably lighter.

Don't mind the entry title.  I decided to periodically add "What the heck?...."-type titles sometimes, just to make things vaguely interesting.

Anyways, I'm going to work on not falling asleep.  See all of you later!

The Allengator

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