Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Spring Into the Semester!

The path to being a programmer is not an easy one.  I am taking what could be the classes that could make me or break me.  Well, one is pointless, and I bet you know which one it is....

Managerial Accounting - Same teacher, just an extension of "principles of acconting".  Some say its harder, some say its easier.  We shall see.....if I can stay awake.

Web Development I - HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS all in one.  Wow, lotsa stuffs going on.  I will say I am partially dissappointed that the teacher I expected doesn't teach there anymore, but it will possibly be the easiest class I have, if that means anything.  I mean it'll be a ton of work, but I am semi-familliar with a lot of the code, so I have a slight advantage.....I think.......  

(Side note:  It is a dual credit class for some students, so there are High schoolers in there, which I honestly can't stand, no offense to my friends who are still in high school.  I just somehow manage to get stuck with the immature ones.)

Advanced C++ - This will be a determinate class for me.  I mean I only know the bits of C++ that is like C#, which there is some.  The class is tiny, and there are only two of us who haven't had C++ before, so we will be forced to learn the syntax very quickly while the others go through classes and inheritance, which we have already had in our last class.  So the first part of the semester is crucial for me.  I've been looking at the basics and FINALLY got my first program running.  The syntax seems easy enough, that is the first few chapters, but there will be so much more to find out.  The processes are in my head, I just need the syntax.  This class is important because it is the last time it is being offered at OTC, and honestly, if I can't pick up a new language at the pace the class goes, then I may have trouble picking up new ones on my own.  I will most deffinately have to put in the most effort into this class.  I will probably spend most of my day tomorrow trying to make sure I understand the basic structures and be able to make decisions.

For the first time ever, I dropped a class.  I was going to take college algebra, but I don't know anyone in there (a guy was supposed to be in there with me, but he had to change at the last minute), I passed the class ABOVE that, and I have a heavy enough workload as is.  So I dropped it before the first class, because the last thing I need is a class that will make me do about 70 problems a week.  Other factors played into dropping it that I may get into at a later time.  I'm keeping the book as a refresher though.  I am honestly suprised at how fast I picked up the material.  Yeah, I forgot a lot, but once I quickly reviewed the material, it came back to me, so the class would have been pointless anyways.

In other news, I changed the Geek's Weekly special announcement, so check that out.  Yes, I am pretty upset about it.

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