Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Clarification on a Previous Audio Blog

I just wanted to make sure I madem yself clear pertaining to an earlier entry.

In my recent audioblog, about a week ago, I was talking about masculinity and stuff, and I mentioned a guy named Morris.  I said he just has this "manliness pertrude out of him".  Anyways, I just wanted to make sure everyone understood what I meant by that.  Of course hardly anyone reads this blog, and no one has said a thing about it, but just for future generations and such.  

What I meant is that physically, he is a he-man.   I was in no way hinting toward him being a sex maniac.  What prompted me into saying this is just so I hope you do not get the wrong impression of him.  He is a very nice guy, and very mature.  We had a long discussion tonight about women, sex, and the future, meaning personal futures.  He told me he was happy to see someone as young as me buying stock and participating in a 401K, thinking about my future and all, and I really am.  Somehow our conversation got to women, and he was telling me about how he was, wild, "wanting some", and so forth, but he has really changed his life.  I didn't know him before, but he has really changed if what he says is even vaguely true, in which I have no reason to doubt him whatsoever.  We exchanged ideas and such, and I told him how I felt, being an outcast among men, but I told him it was comforting to see someone else who was like me.  

It was the most down-to-Earth conversation I have had with anyone in a long time.  Yeah, I may have conversations with women, but its different with men.  You just feel some sort of bond with men.  I truly enjoyed talking with him, and it is very comforting to know that I am not alone out there.  

So all in all, just wanted to make sure that I was just talking about his physical nature.  I told him he could kick Chuck Norris's butt, and that he was the Chuck Norris of our Baal*Mart.  He thinks that's hilarious.  But aside from that, it is a honor to say I know him.  He is an exemplary person and a very real guy that some lucky girl will fall in love with and marry.  There aren't many guys like us out there, so ladies, don't give up hope on the make race.  Yeah, over 82% of the male population is full of peverted freaks, but I hope you understand that there are good ones out there, but we are just slower than most guys, I mean in a romantic way.

I hope you understand why I felt the need to say this.

The Allengator

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