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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Can Legos do the Job?
Ice King, Adventure Time
Today in my robotics class, our teacher brought in some lego kits. Since its a robotic class, it was one of those "mindstorm"-ish sets. We had to open the box, take out like 500 pieces, sort them, and take inventory. Our teacher originally called the class "more laborious than the usual classes." Well, James and I were sorting the pieces, wondering where Phillip (aka Lurch) was. He comes in and says he overslept. We tried to come up with a robotics project. With the legos in front of us, I was trying to figure out what we can do. Then the idea came to me. A Lego people launcher!!!!! Think of the possibilities. First, legos, tomorrow, real people! Ok, so maybe the plan is a little flawed, but I like it.

In other news, theres a cloud of mystery brewing in the little thing known as "my world". Rather think about it.

Erin is working on an essay. Maybe I can put it on here for others to read. Its quite good.

I am going off to power up my lappy. I might work on another entry later.


The Allengator