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My Only Politically Driven Entry for Months

I was FINALLY able to reserve a copy of Guitar Hero III for the Wii yesterday. Those things are VERY hard to find. I should get it on Friday. Yayness! To prepare me for the rhythm madness, I got Elite Beat Agents for the DS, which I will probably feature on a future Geek's Weekly.

I had about no choice than to watch *shudder* He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to ring in the New Year. I SERIOUSLY need to find a girlfriend.

I've also kind of come up with my "resolution", which is to take 500 pictures of things this year. Why did I choose such an endeavour? Well, I need to work on my photo-taking prowess, and I just needed something that doesn't involve the usuals, so I can rub it in someone's face that I like who I am, even though I never tell anybody about this sort of junk.

I really, REALLY hope this year won't be as bad as I think it will when it comes to the 2008 elections. While I absolutely HATE talking about politics, mostly due to not being informed as many people, I could care less until like a month before, when 98% of all commercials are political ads. Maybe I will become a non-tv watcher, which is better than the alternative, which is PBS watcher....*shudder*

People ask me about my political views, like which party I belong to. Here is the long and short of it. I support the split ticket, meaning I'm not a republican, nor a Democrat. I love what Democrats do as far as economy and foreign policy goes, but I prefer the more conservative values of the republican party, in general. So there, no matter how much you bother me, call me, or whatever, you will NOT be able to change my stand. No, not a third partier, but I am noone. A pleb. A pushoff.

Wow, I can't believe that I just felt HAPPY to admit that.....

So now I need to prepare my snarky comments to people who call me. Any suggestions? I mean I can't say anything too incriminating, because they already have my name and number. If someone were to say, "We're calling on behalf of the Hilary Clinton campaign. Who are you voting for?" I already know I'm going to vote, because its a privalege, but please, I will make my best informed decision when I hit the polls. Any badgering will deter me from voting for you, if anything.

So I have a few months to come up with material. If I come up with anything good, I'll post it on here!

In closing, go somewhere else until I post again.


The Allengator
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