Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Year 2007, The Ugly Stepchild of 2006

I am here to write unto you another end of year entry. You know, the end of year thing I do compiling a list of 10 things per subject? Well, this year, its back! It is slightly geeky , but it works. You may notice some subjects are omitted, like the personal discoveries. There are none this year, as it was a blah year for me. Besides, you have a whole journal to discover what’s up with me. So let’s get this entry a rollin’. 

Top News of 2007:

10) *Shudder* Hamas Mouse.
9) Ice Storm of ‘07.
8) Baseball and Drugs don’t mix.
7) Utah Mine Collapse.
6) Georgia under martial law.
5) WGA on Strike.
4) Contractors in Iraq pushing their weight, namely Blackwater.
3) Myanmar in unrest.
2) More troops and more money for the war in Iraq, no questions asked. - Congress
1) Virginia Tech, too many innocent lives…

Popular Viral Videos of 2007:

5) Filipino Jailer Dancing

3) Miss South Carolina

1) The Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"

Top Ten Personal Favorite Songs of 2007:

10) Flathead – The Fratellis
9) Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
8) Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
7) Major and Minor – The Procession
6) Famous – Puddle of Mudd
5) 1985 – Bowling for Soup
4) Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis
3) I am the Walrus – The Beatles
2) Hail to the Geek – Deaf Pedestrians
1) The Show Must Go On – Queen

Yeah, different, yet again, and "Walrus" is STILL slipping? AH!!!!!!!!!!!

Pop Culture of 2007:

10) Lance is OUT (yeah, in THAT way)
9) Year of the 3’s (Pirates, Shrek, and Rush Hour)
8) New shows Chuck and Pushing Daisies.
7) Don Imus does a nono
6) Radiohead does free music now!
5) One word: Heroes
4) Lost given a timetable
2) Harry Potter Books End!!!! (I think….)
1) Halo 3 breaks all records on release. (Still waiting for SSBB, heh)

(Personal) Top ten online links of 2007:

10) Biblegateway
9) Television Without Pity
8) Homestar Runner
7) I-am-bored
6) Pearls Before Swine Group
5) The Comics Curmudgeon
4) Current TV
3) YouTube
2) Virtual NES
1) Jay is Games

Top ten entries of the year:

10) Yet, Another Letter to Society Feb 19, 2007

9) The Entry That Never Was... Mar 22, 2007

8) On Myanmar and People Oct 02, 2007

7) Major News Ahead, MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 03, 2007

6) Geek's Weekly: Vol. 1 Oct 13, 2007

5) Memoirs of a Pizza Lunatic June 18, 2007

4) Allengator's E-Log: Linn Tech Trip Apr 03, 2007

3) But Everyone Else Is Myspace-ing! 10 Jan 2007

2) I Took a Current Events Test! Feb 07, 2007

1) TeH sUrVeY (Plz Read and Reply!!!!111!!!!) Sep. 29, 2007

And that will do it for this year. I hope next year brings us much more entertainment and special things, and stuff. I mean overall, it was a "blah" year, even considering my top posts -_-. Anyways, have a safe and sober New Year's Eve everybody! See you next year on here!

The Allengator 
Tags: lists, yaer in review

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