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Nerds R Us Vol. 12

Merry Christmas to one and all!

This was something that was supposed to be posted on my blog Saturday, but I have been pretty busy with work and sleeping that I forgot it. I'm sorry for the people I scar for life with my voice. For the record, I was suffering from some acute, minor strep throat and was laying down when I sang this.

This song is meant to be a gift guide for that special nerd in your life.



For those who are wondering, the lyrics go like so:

A game disc in a Wii
2 Ninja Turtles
3 French Joke Books
4 blocks of cheese
5 funyun rings
6 game controllers
7 pack of batteries
8 paid for text books
9 game programs
10 packs of vault
11 batman dishes
12 months of warcraft


Eureka Season 1: I bought this dvd because I was immediately taken in by the cover, so I looked up the show online. It sounded ok, so on Cyber Monday, I bought a copy of the season one dvd for cheap.

This series follows a small, hidden community that is full of super geniuses. They are in the midst of creating all sorts of inventions for mankind, but many mishaps happen. The new sheriff in town, an ordinary guy with little knowledge of high-end science, usually comes up with a common sense solution to most of the problems. Ironic, no? The series, while episodic, does deliver plenty of arcs that will keep the watcher wanting more.

The visuals and acting are first rate and the music is plucky without being totally absurd. Don't worry if you don't understand some of the plot, because some do not make any sense, like the first couple of episodes baffled me quite a bit. The first season is an excellent addition to any geek's collection.


Infomania just finished up a "2007 retrospectacular", a loo back of a year that sure was....there. Watch it. You will not be disappointed:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Game Development

The second release of mover is here! The basic changes are:

-Room wrapping (going off screen and appearing on the other side)
-Rainbow blocks(collect them all to get rid of the solid green blocks)

Yeah, a lot of bugs and such still exist, but this project will probably be suspended soon to make room for college, work, and church.

Link for Mover public release 2!

Odd Factoids

The 2007 word of the year by the profrssionals at Merriam-Webster is!............................




Not kidding. The word of the year is w00t, yes with two zeroes in it. Interesting, huh? Or should I say...W00T!!!!111!!!!!!1!

Video Games

Virtual Console (12/24/07)

I found out about the games early because of a site I found that gets the releases on FRIDAY. I am pretty let-down by this week's releases. Sure, Donkey Kong Country 3 is an ok game, but honestly did not end the SNES cannon well. Blades of Steel is just not a fun game IMO. I tried it on, and didn't like the controls or gameplay at all. Rolling Thunder 2 might as well be buried in its obscurity. DKC3 is by no means a "I want to download this NOW" title, but saves an otherwise dismal week. WHY DO YOU FORSAKE ME NINTENDO??????????????????



Here is the video released on the dojo Friday:



I would have enjoyed it more if it had either shown new info not realeased, or have not been one in a series of filler updates. I am just not enthusiastic as, say, a new character update.

The lackluster updates DO provide good news though, in less then a month we will know the entire roster of Brawl as it will be released in Japan then. Just hang on for a bit longer my friends!

Well, that does it for this week, and possibly year as I am not sure if I will get to updating this before New Year's or not. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or whatever you decide to observe. If nothing, then I still wish you well.

Here's to 2008, may it be the year of the nerd!

Nerd Out!

The Allengator

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