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Nerds R Us Vol. 11

I would say happy holidays and merry Christmas, but I plan on having volume 12 out before Tuesday, so in light of that, this week's is a little abbreviated.


- It is now time to begin the conspiracy theories.  Evidently, James Kyson Lee lied to us about volume three being called Exodus, or it was a last minute change.  However, I think the pure fact that it is called "Villains" reeks of pure awesomeness.  

Sylar used is telekinetic powers by the end of the episode, which is expected as it is his favorite power, but I am suprised that he didn't try to be an illusionist as he stole Candice's power.  It looks like Sylar will be all over the map in volume three.  It was originally believed to be abbreviated due to Zachary's role in the upcoming Star Trek thingie, but thanks to the strike (now there's a phrase I never thought I would utter), he might be in it more than before, which, YAY!

Through the grapevine, I have heard that pretty much Niki, as we know it, is dead, but her alter ego Jessica is here.  So did she really die?  I am not sure how they will write this one without being either "she survived", or just go a completely "typical" route, and I hope they do not.  I honestly could care less about Niki's storylines, even now.

The Nathan assassination attempt, as it will now remain attempt as he is not officially killed off yet, is what intrigues me the most.  Is he really dead?  Will Peter think of using his blood to save him?  If alive, will Nathan still spill the beans?  Who shot Nathan.  The rumor on the net is that people think it is Noah, as he is back with the company and wants Claire's anonimity to remain just that.  I am of the party that doesn't believe it was HRG.  So who did it?  I think several suspects come in mind, aside from new characters.  I still think Nathan and Peter's daddy is still alive, but I wouldn't say no to the Haitian being the guy.  

Is Adam gone?  I highly doubt it.  Hiro buried him for goodness sakes.  The only way you can kill him is to get him in the back of the head, genius!  Buring him will just anger him.  Seriously, what would stop him from just bashing his way out?  Yeah, it'd get bloody, but he heals AND is immortal.  Next time, if you're going to do something, do it right, Hiro!

Speaking of Hiro, is he becoming more serious?  SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Television Show Review:  TMNT -  I am a big fan of the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so I sweared off this newer version.  I finally bought the first half of season one, as it was incredibly cheap.  I tried it out and oddly, I found some appeal to it.  First off, I am suprised at the level of material that people would deem inappropriate for kids 10 and under, paticularly the whole Baxter Stockman ordeal.  I mean mentioning over and over again the fact that a person is literally being ripped apart piece by piece is gorey, but overall it has obviously been edited for younger viewing.  I still esteem the original series as the best and classic, but this series has its perks too.

First off, there is more Casey Jones, which is awesome.  There is less of a whiny April, again, which is good.  This series definately has some more serious action in it, especially the season one episode titled "The Shredder Strikes Back Part 1", in which Leo gets plenty of fighting time.  The series is more cannonical than the original, making some storylines arc over several episodes.  It also sticks with the original comics series more than the earlier series.

In closing, die hard fans of the original series will not feel at home, as this series has a much darker fare to it, but people wanting to find that awesome show for a kid on their Christmas list should look no furthur, as the 2 part season sets go for around $10, or less on a sale.

Video Games

Virtual Console 12-17-07:  Dear Ninty,

How are any of this week's titles "classics".  I'm sorry, but when all of your games center around shooting aliens, aliens, and pure sucking, I am not the least bit interested in it.  Seriously, I do not ever remember hearing about a single one of these games, from ads or even people.  Listen, your next release is on Christmas Eve.  BETTER MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!



Another slow week, another Metroid stage.  I'm not going to spend much more time on this this time, as I will need some material for next week's volume.  

Updates:  2/10

Well, yes, this is it for this week.  Sorry about the shortness, but another one is coming in less than a week, so pretty sweet deal, huh?  I hope you travel safe and have access to get here, as I'll have a present for all of you next week, YEAH!

Nerd Out!

The Allengator

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