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Stardate -316963.93

I spent about all day working on re-updating my lappy.  I have not had as much time to reload my old games or apps yet, and I am GLAD I did it on my day off.

It's frustrating.

You have to contact the people you downloaded the files from, tell them what you want, wait a day, have them reply "Which games did you want?" when you specified it in your last email, re-email them, they reply, "We have no record, do you have a receipt?"  Of course I do, because I totally bought them at a store, genius!  Ok, so I do keep a bacup in my inbox.  I send that, they give me the file.  I download it, and realize that half of them are not compatible with my system.


I hate Vista.

Anyways, then I find out a couple of sites I got my products from are now defunct, and one in paticular is a jerk about it.  He is like, "I put that life behind me now.  Read my hippie blog".  A CEO and main programmer of a company.....I wouldn't call him a crook, because, well, he isn't, but at least give people a chance to get their files!  I am talking to you, DEXTERITY SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!

So that is like $40 wasted.  Ugh.

So that is my day in a nutshell.  No, I'm not really mad or anything, I'm just saying it takes work.

By the by, I have some good friends/fellow coders helping me with some bugs in the mover game.  I do have enough things in it to have a new release, but I want to perfect it.  I have worked tirelessly on it off and on, but I doubt that it will meet my expectations as far as the near future is concerned.  I do know this, but mid-January the project will be on the back burner, so possibly another release after this one, but then the dry spell will commence.

In closing, check out's update this week.  I hated it at first, but then I realized that the song is so darn catchy.  Now I have to hear it about five or six times a day.........

......while I wait on companies to respond to me........

The Allengator

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