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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Stardate -316963.93
Ice King, Adventure Time
I spent about all day working on re-updating my lappy.  I have not had as much time to reload my old games or apps yet, and I am GLAD I did it on my day off.

It's frustrating.

You have to contact the people you downloaded the files from, tell them what you want, wait a day, have them reply "Which games did you want?" when you specified it in your last email, re-email them, they reply, "We have no record, do you have a receipt?"  Of course I do, because I totally bought them at a store, genius!  Ok, so I do keep a bacup in my inbox.  I send that, they give me the file.  I download it, and realize that half of them are not compatible with my system.


I hate Vista.

Anyways, then I find out a couple of sites I got my products from are now defunct, and one in paticular is a jerk about it.  He is like, "I put that life behind me now.  Read my hippie blog".  A CEO and main programmer of a company.....I wouldn't call him a crook, because, well, he isn't, but at least give people a chance to get their files!  I am talking to you, DEXTERITY SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!

So that is like $40 wasted.  Ugh.

So that is my day in a nutshell.  No, I'm not really mad or anything, I'm just saying it takes work.

By the by, I have some good friends/fellow coders helping me with some bugs in the mover game.  I do have enough things in it to have a new release, but I want to perfect it.  I have worked tirelessly on it off and on, but I doubt that it will meet my expectations as far as the near future is concerned.  I do know this, but mid-January the project will be on the back burner, so possibly another release after this one, but then the dry spell will commence.

In closing, check out homestarrunner.com's update this week.  I hated it at first, but then I realized that the song is so darn catchy.  Now I have to hear it about five or six times a day.........

......while I wait on companies to respond to me........

The Allengator