Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Why I Will Hate Discussing Work for a While


Just warning you, if you see me at work, on a cash register, ignore the anger/obvious fae happy/annoyance of me.  I honestly don't mean it, but I absolutely HATE cashiering, and am forced to be cashiering near 20 hours the next two weeks.  I hate it, they don't need me, customers get angry and don't understand, and the C-S-Ms do not help one bit besides smirking and laughing at you.  I get pains and cramps in my side.  I can not stand being in one spot with repetitive motions for 8 hours, even with breaks.  I can't stand telling people to do this, have a good day, reply to the inane jokes like "if it won't ring up it must be free, hur hur" or "wow, that's a lot of money", or "holidays gettin' to ya?".  Seriously, I was sick of those the first 100 times I heard them.  If you happen to catch me before the end of my shift, I may be laughing of acting crazier than usual.  Please ignore that too.  No, I am not drunk (I wish there was a safer thing I could do), at the end of my string, slowly losing my sanity.  I get like that just two hours up there, so I have NO idea what 8 will do to me.  I have a feeling I am scheduled here because the lady who schedules me hates me or wants me to quit.  She sucks at scheduling.

Why do I even bother posting this when 99.9% of the Marshfield/Conway/Niangua population doesn't read this or now who I am?  Because I do in case someone I know comes through my line wondering what the heck is wrong with me.  Its just the 'ol "I hate my job and the things they make me do" routine, mixed with the holiday stress, which is why I did all of my shopping online this year, not at Baal*Mart,, even when it was cheaper.  Even if you have been a good friend of mine for however long, if the subject or work or how my job is doing comes up, I will probably throuw a fit and just ignore you for a while, becuase I HATE TALKING ABOUT THE CRAP THAT GOES ON THERE, ESPECIALLY WHEN CASHIERING!!!!!!!!!  That is how fed up I am. 

Next month:  Hear me complain about the lack of hours I get.

The Allengator


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