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Nerds R Us Vol. 10

Note from the columnist:

So this is what it feels like to keep something running for a while.  I can't believe that I have managed to keep something running this long.  Usually I stop a few weeks in and let it fall into the pits of oblivion, but hey, this one is hanging on.

So the question I answer today is, "Why did you start this thing up?"  Well, here is the kinda short answer I have for you.

I am a nerd, no two ways around it.  I should pretty much have my laptop permanently hooked up to me because I use it so much.  I surf the internet a TON, and I love video games.  This was becoming a near every entry thing in my blog I maintain on livejournal, so I decided to make something of it, as my whole life isn't centered around this sort of stuff.  Consolidate it into a weekly thing perhaps.

That is when I got it in my head to start a new feature called Nerds R Us, a weekly rave and rant into the world of entertainment and all out geekiness.  I also wanted to start up a blog with just these entries on it, and I thought that my myspace would be a good place to do that, so if you hate the other things I type up, then just go there as that is all I include nowdays.  

So then I had to think of what I would want to include in such a feature.  I seem to rave about Heroes/Lost the weeks they are on, and Chuck and Pushing Daisies apppear often as well, so I decided to make a feature on television shows.  Most seasons, however, will go into hiatus this time of year, and this year's may be even longer, but worry not, as I have a good stockpile of dvds to go over.  I have a tentative schedule of what I will talk about when, but what I do conver will probably not be an episodic delivery like the other shows are.  I have some sci-fi, cable, oldies, but goodies, and of course, cartoons to review, so loo for those very soon.

I have always been a huge fan of music, and I was a band nerd and choir nut all through my up to high school years.  I used to be an "oldies-only" kind of person, but then I started listening to classic rock more than that.  I get most of the newer songs from television shows, though.  I would consider myself a fan of modern indie rock, and the like.  There usually isn't much to go on most weeks, so it is not a feature in every volume.

Next is games, in which I would probably see the biggest backlash from the geek community.  I will say it, I am pretty much a Nintendo purist, as I grew up on Nintendo (and Atari).  Does this mean I hate Playstation and XBox?  Absolutely not.  While I will never feature those on here, the consoles just do not appeal to me in terms of games.  I am not a sniper/sports enthusiast, so they are not a good fit for me.  I love the graphics, online, and communities of those systems, but they will never be for me.  Maybe I will find someone else to feature games from these consoles in the future....*places 'Now Hiring' sign in window*.  As far as PC games go, I rarely find much that I like, but that does not mean that I won't feature some on here.

Finally, why Smash Bros.?  I am highly anticipating the release of SSBB, especially since the Sonic reveal.  I mean this is the Wii's "Halo 3".  Plus, we are getting weekdaily updates from the man himself, Sakurai, so it makes it easy to feature.  What will happen after the game's release?  I will think of something.  It will still be around the first few weeks after release, as I won't stop raving about it, but if there is a way to post stages on the internet or whatever, I will keep it around.  What game will be featured after SSBB?  Uh....not sure.  Maybe the next gen gaming console?  Perhaps the next star fox or kirby?  Sad to say that things will fade in comparison to SSBB.

I hope you continue to read these and I crank them out, and I thank you for taking an interest in these.  So let's get to the non-epic portion of this volume, which rest of the volume?.....


No Heroes this week, sorry.

Pushing Daisies - Corpsicle - Another excellent week for PD.  I mean you just have to appreciate the relationships between the characters.  Chuck and Olive are all buddy buddy now, but have some tension over Ned, Emerson and Ned are just awesome together and knows each other's quirks, and things are just awesome.  We saw the return of Oscar Vibinius this week, still trying to figure out the mystery of Chuck's "death scent".  She gets close to telling him, but doesn't.  Ned feels bad about telling Chuck the truth, and mopes for most of the eipsode.  Mystery aside (someone kills someone else, same 'ol same 'ol), we learn of two things, Emerson is a dad ( and the biggest "bomb" yet is Lillian (or is it Vivian.  I can't ever keep those two straight.), in a moment of herbal enhanced stupor, tells Olive that she is Chuck's mother.  I am not sure if that it correct, because she IS drigged up and thought she saw a cae turn into a crab, but hey, who am I to judge?  If she truly is Chuck's mother, then oooooooooh.  Eh.......

With that, this will conclude the weekly episodic delevery of PD until it returns.  If any noteworthy things come about, I will let you know.  


As I mentioned last time, there is a Christmas song of the year, this year, and more than likely, it is by a gorup you have never heard of and a song you probably never heard of.  It is slightly cynical and is a time capsule of the UK in the 70's.  A time of turmoil and changes.  Why this has become my faveorite song of the year is just the music, as what most of my favorite songs are based on.  I rarely pick a song purely based on lyrical content and not musical, but this one it purely musical, as the words are very nonstereotypical of a Christmas tune.  So without furthur adieu, here is the 2007 Christmas song of the year:

Merry XMas Everyone - Slade

Listen to it and just take in the melody.  You will not regret it, epseically if you enjoy more psychadelic tunes.

Video Games:

Virtual Console (Week of 12-10-07) :

Dear Nintendo,

I appreciate the fact that you are bringing classics to buy, but why are you still delivering games to us.  Sure, back in the day Pokemon Snap was popular, but just because a game WAS good doesn't mean it ages well.  This game just doesn't age well.  Sports games are generally not considered 'classic' IMO, but the baseball game this week seems to be a cult favorite on the NEO GEO, a system I never really saw any good games for.  Ghosts 'n Goblins is remembered by gamers, but that doesn't mean that they give good reviews about it.  I remember the first time I played it, and I thought it was horrible.  I mean you get hit, yout armor falls off to show a nearly naked guy underneath, then he dies when touched again.  Without frequent powerups, this makes the game nearly impossible for even seasoned players to beat.  I'm sorry, but you need to do MUCH better than this is you want money from me.

I guess my note fell of deaf ears last week, as I am sure this one will.  Please give me a good VC game for Christmas, PLEASE!!!!!!!


The Allengator

This week's rating 2/10.


Much like the virtual console, the updates have laced, for lack of a better term, lately.  Options menu, ooooooo.  Today's Mario Kart update, while more interesting than most, has been known about through videos the Dojo previously released, but it is at least a step in the right direction.  Rating:  3/10

Dojo aside, there is a lot of buzz on Smash forums.  One of which I will place here.  It is the infamous "CoroCoro magazine roster reveal".  Let me explain.  In Japan, there is a magazine called CoroCoro, which is famous for revealing info about games before they are released.  They correctly reported spoilers about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl before they were released, so they could do the same for SSBB.  The magazine will be out this Saturday, which will be this Friday (tomorrow) in the US.  Will it just be the starting lineup?  Will it be the ones already revealed on the Dojo?  Will it be the entire roster?  Only time will tell.  I hope its the later so I could have a lot to talk about.  

Anyways, what hopefuls do you have for the lineup that are not officially confirmed yet?  For me, all I ask for is Luigi, Captain Falcon, Marth, Mr. Game and Watch, Falco and Ganondorf for veterans, and not many for newcomers.  After putting some thought into it, I guess it would be cool to have Megaman in the mix, Knuckles or Tails, and Geno from Super Mario RPG, but other than that, I welcome most other inclusions.  

As far as forums go, most people want Bowser Jr., which I guess is ok, Ridley, which...ugh, Tom Nook, which is not one of my faves, Coud Strife, which, er......and Isaac from Trauma Center, which....HUH???!?!?!????  Speaking of forums, I am frequenting them often, especially on a slow Dojo day, just to see what they say (which is where I learned about the CoroCoro thing).  There is one I have decided to not take seriously, which are the forum(s) at Gamefaqs and Gamespot, as they seem to be a breeding ground for Trolls, Spamers, and people who wish they had a thousandth of the dignity and maturity or Pee Wee Herman.  Why do I go there anyhow?  For the comedic times, my friend.  I may not take it seriously, but the do offer a good laugh now and then.  Here are some quotes from the boards, which I may include more of later:

"Who invited that duck king from kirby..."
"If kirby swallowed sonic, he wouldn't change because sonic has the ability to suck"
I'm going to make Bonsly commit suicide by throwing him off of the edge of a stage.  I HATE THIS UPDATE

Reply:  If you threw him off, it'd be homicide, not suicide, stupid.

(im serious)
lmao, you pick you bonsley and throw it at someone.
I love it!!!
It's Mega Sakurai, sir! He's gone from suck to blow!
Bonsly looks like a moldy testicle tree 

reply:  Opinion.

reply:  apostrophe 

reply:  at sign

reply:  statement 

reply:  math
Wait, what's Smash Bros? Why would you want to hit your brother?
Wow, now that we know there's a hole, that image where Diddy is violating Bonsly is so much worse. You can tell by Diddy's angry expression and Bonsly's frown that something not quite legal is going on. 

More quotes as times follows and as news slows down.

Believe it or not, that is it for the week.  Slowdowns in most areas will not keep this reviewer down.  I hope to include a lot of interesting items as the weeks roll by.  If there is a CoroCoro leak, I will put it on here as soon as I know.  It will be on Friday, if at all, and I do not be able to be on here until 8 pm or so.  In any case, have a good week!

Nerd Out!

The Allengator

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