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Truth & Consequences:  This week's episode was not as good as last week's, but don't get me wrong, I think it is pivotal.  Next week's "finale" will be pretty awesome by the way things look.  They have set up us the plot bombs.  Here is what they nuked with us.

Miguel  Alejandro bites the Sylar bullet.  Finally, I can stop constantly using the stupid <strike> tag in front of Miguel Alejandro's name, because Miguel Alejandro found out that Sylar is a cold blooded killer.  In a struggle with Miguel Alejandro, Sylar's wimp-like body overpowered Muguel's Alejandro's massive physique.  Explica, por favor?

Maya becomes more powerful:  And more diluted!

Sylar's powerless?:  Sylar SHOULD have recovered from the stinking sword wound by now, so where are his powers, and why doesn't he just go ahead and off the useless characters?  My guess, Sylar is sick with the virus.  Think about it.  He was found and cared by Candice, a company rep., he was in the middle of nowhere, a company-like area, and he was seen shirtless, another company feature.

Suresh gets his just deserts:  Sylar's back in town and is waiting for him at home.  Karma's calling you Suresh.  Even if you survive this encounter, you will still have to survive the inevitable HRG attack soon.

Nathan MIA:  Very little of Nathan the past few weeks, but I heard he has a fairly significant role for the next episode.

Peter the stupid:  How long is Peter going to remain Adam's little fanboy?  Seriously, people on this show need to get a clue.  Just because he saved your brother doesn't mean that he is ALL good.....

Shogun Showdown!:  Hiro vs. Peter.  YATTA!  Then it will be Matt, Nathan, and Hiro vs. Peter, then Matt, Nathan, Hiro, and Peter vs. Adam.

Duo of Dead Heroes, Vile Villian Rises:  Ok, so who dies?  My initial guesses are Niki and Maya.  But Nathan looks like a possible candidate too.  The villian is obviously Sylar.  I mean if Adam is suppoedly taken care of, then who else does it leave?

Bleak Ending?:  I heard that this is the last chapter of this volume.  The next one, volume three is called "Exodus", meaning massive outflow or escape.  So why would there be an exodus?  One of two things:  either people find out about the genetic freaks we call Heroes and wants to deport them, or the virus gets out by the end of the episode.  

Remember, unless shown, these are my guesses.  Look for the finale (not sure how to take that, either a season finale due to the strike, or a "fall finale" in which it'll be bacl this spring) review next time, and a futhur analysis of episodes soon as we will enter an episode drought.

Pushing Daisies:  Bitter Sweets review next week, as there is no episode next week and I will need a crutch to help me make these things substantially longer.

Still no Chuck Allengator?  I know I have been telling you that it is coming, and it is, just not now.  Here is my plan, once the hiatus/strike drought starts, I will use the Chuck episodes as a backup on here.  I am also getting another dvd set of another sci-fi show which is yet to be revealed, mostly because I am not sure if I will feature it on here, depending on whether I like it or not.

Game Development

After much deciding, the new beta-name of my game is "Ball-istics".  You know, since it involves a ball and everything.  I am working on some more rooms and features and will hopefully have a bigger version before Christmas, as a present for you.

Note to people playing the game:  Every level outside the "glitchy" ones are possible, but you have to figure out how to solve it yourself.  The second yellow brick road one is a brain teaser.  Just think "outside the box", and you will be fine.

Next time I will have some note on the developments I am creating.

Virtual Console

For week 11/26:

Let's forget this week even happened.


Nothing earth shattering this week again.  I believe I mentioned the customize button thing on here.  Previous stages would have been an obvious inclusion, especially since it was included in Melee as well.  Wario's final smash is....well...I am weary about using his character now.  He seems to be a hard and unpredictable one to control.

The only thing that was close to exciting me was the event mode, which I enjoyed in Melee.  Now with multiple levels of difficulties for each level, my main question is this:  How many event are there.  I hope there is more than 51, the number of the previous Smash Bros., but based on the pictures, it is hard to tell.  Any less than 51 and I will be suprised and a little disappointed.

C'mon Sakurai!  Don't you have some better features to blow us away with?  Any more characters?  Any more awesome new modes or Wifi capabilities? 

10 more of these SSBBDS sections to go.  The countdown on here has officially begun!  Not that I will be keeping track of it or anything....

I will try to have more links and will search for more (good) gameplay vids online and will share with you when I get them.

Sadly, this is it for this week.  Due to school winding down, final projects on the horizon, I will have less free time between here and work.  Next week's might be late/abbreviated as well, but we will see.  Also, now that most shows will go into hibernation, new and recurring features might get more spotlight for a while.  So until next time:

Nerd Out!

The Allengator
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