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Four Months Ago was as expected. More info about Peter and Adam. Is Adam evil? You bet he is! He is still alive, immortal evidently. How do you kill someone like that? Here are some theory points. Just like Claire, couldn't they just switch him off via the back of the brain? I heard about the possibility of him being buried alive, but I like mine better :P My theory about why Adam is bad. First, Hiro hurt hum pretty badly a little over 300 years ago, so that has to be painful. Also, immortality can be a drag, getting close to people, only to see them age and die. It would make for a very bitter and dangerous being.

Cautionary Tales. Let me say up front that I think it has been the most brilliant episode to date. As far as favorites go, this episode will be near the top. The whole episode just seems to grip you, despite knowing what will eventually happen. So many twists. I of course talk about the whole Noah vs. the Company skit. I mean the end result is him getting shot in the eye, but by who. Mohinder? Well, yeah, but not in the way expected. Mohinder, being the idiot he is, has joined forces with the company, which, despite his intentions, has basically just sold his soul to the devil as it were. He gets his gun, attempts to blow Noah's head off, Noah punches him like a punching bag, realizes that he is with the company now, despite being allies before, and takes Bob's daughter, Elle. Bob has Claire, and they do a mexican exchange of somesort. Elle shoots West and Claire out of the sky, Bennet shoots Elle (about time if you ask me. She seems to be a royal pain in the neck), then goes after Bob. I found myself thinking "Hurry up and shoot the guy! He totally deserves it!" But instead, Mohinder shoots him in the eye, fulfilling the prophetic paintings. Rock on....except....NOAH'S DEAD????!!!!?!?!?!? WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is miraculously revived through some of Claire's blood, which raises many questions:

1) Why would the Company revive someone who wants to take them down?
2) What will happen to Niki, who was to be the recipient of that blood?
3) Why are they keeping Mohinder in the dark?

Adam is exposed, and Hiro will have vengence! YATTA!!!!! Why is Hiro threatening Peter in the preview? Will Mohinder reap what he sows (we see Sylar is back in town)? Will Niki die? Most importantly, what is going on with Noah?

Pushing Daisies and Chuck will be back next time, I plan.


Have a hankering for some thanksgiving-type music, then may I suggest Queen's "Night at the Opera". It has some folky/old timey music that really seems to hit the style of Thanksgiving. Just a suggestion.

Game Development

It is finally here for public viewing, the "pre-Alpha" version of my game, which is not titled yes, but for now is simply called "Mover". The reason it is Alpha and not Beta is that I don't see many people downloading it, but also because there are bugs galore here. No they-will-hurt-your-system type bugs, but some that makes levels unintentionally easier than others.

Only control is up, down, left, right, and pageup, pagedown for level selection. R restarts the level, because of the bugs, it might be necessary.

Please, do the tutorials first. It will save you a little bit of pain.

I am not sure if I will develop this furthur, but this will do for now. I am going to start a new game and if it gets completed, I will post it, but I am in the "writing papers" phase right now.

Get Mover Here!

Video Games

I have made my decision, and here is my review. Sorry if it is not the one you want, but do you get a choice in the matter? :P Thought so. Here is the full review of:

Super Mario Galaxy

Full Review:

Yes, I broke down and got Super Mario Galaxy, believing all the hype about it. What does this reviewer think of it? Read on.


The first thing I noticed was the music. I was afraid that the whole soundtrack would be all Star Trek-y, as seen in the preview window of the Wii console. I was, however, horribly wrong. It features a full orchestra for their music, and they didn’t skimp out either. Beautiful renditions of music from the main area, all the way to the individual levels. My favorite music has to be from the Bowser boss levels. Yes, unlike Sunshine, you have multiple Bowser fights, ala Mario 64.


If you are a 3D Mario vet, then the controls will feel the same, and they all run smooth. The butt stomp is back, baby! Ok, so they got rid of the punch move, but they give us something new in its place, the spin punch, which will be used a ton during the gameplay. The moveset, while not the most original, is easy for anyone to pick up. This game also uses the Wii motion capabilities as well as the analog control. How sweet is that?

The game is divided into worlds, or in this case, galaxies. Each galaxy is split into different stars, and unlike previous installments, each star has a unique attribute to the levels they represent, meaning, while the main world contains most of the props and such, the path to the stars is obvious. If you are going after the first star for example, the path is different from the one to the second star. So in other words, every level is original, aside from the comet levels.

Most comet levels do one of four things, they will make you finish a level within a time limit, finish the level with only one unit of life, speed up enemies, or race a cosmic version of yourself, like in Sunshine. Most of those levels are clones of previous ones, but some are not. These can easily be the most frustrating levels of the game.

I have yet to beat the game, which doesn’t take long at all as you only need 60 stars to go into the final battle, but to completely beat the game, you need to get 120 stars, which will take quite a while. The final level, I warn, is VERY frustrating and hard.

Enemies are well. Yes, there are some original ones, but they bring back some of the best ones, like the ratchet dudes from Super Mario Bros. 3 (Which has recently been released on the Virtual Console), as well as the flying ships, goombas, wigglers, spiny tower thingies…, magikoopas, and the return of the koopa troopa, at last, not as some two legged turtle wearing a shirt underneath his shell, but the four legged variety. I jumped for joy at that.


While not an expert on graphics, this game seems to push the Wii to the limit. They are slickly drawn and just plain beautiful.


The only complaint I really have is camera control. While yes, it is not necessary to control it 99% of the time, sometimes I do need some more flexibility than the game offers. Yes, you can change it using the “c” button, yes, you can use a stationary first person view, but something just lacks. I did get annoyed once when a scene I was watching was covered up by a tree due to the camera angle. The camera angles are fine as is, I just require a little bit of lee way. Very minor detail.


This is a MUST BUY for any Wii owners. Nostalgia rules over all in this game. The world designs are genius. The worlds are easy in parts, and aggravatingly frustrating in others. You can sit down for 5 minutes and be able to collect a star or two in this game, so it is perfect for the casual gamer, but this guy, who has had little time to play, has seen himself immersed within the game for hours on end. In short, the best game for the Wii to date. Better than Twilight Princess. In my opinion, the only Wii game that has a chance of besting this is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This is the game to beat as far as the Wii is concerned.

Final Rating: 9.9/10

Virtual Console

I played Wrecking Crew elsewhere, but I do not consider it worthy of download, but it is a fairly enjoyable game. This week's game download honor goes to Sonic 3D Blast, the black sheep of the series, as it were. I beg you to download that. It is better than people say it is!!!!


No vids or discussion this week. I spent all of my energy on my game and the review this week, but there is not much to talk about.

The updates seem to be running dry. I think they didn't plan on the delay, so they are stuffing the entries with not-so-interesting stuff for a while. I am sure there are more characters and suprises up their sleeves, but they still have nearly 3 more months of weekday updates, so give them a break.

That is it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the reviews as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend. Enjoy the turkeys, or turduckens, if that is your preferred flavor, and after you are finished glutting yourself, enjoy a brisk round of “Mover Pre-Alpha” why don’t ya? See you next week.

Nerd Out!

The Allengator
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