Allen (allengator86) wrote,

This is Barely Transpicuous

I am thinking of changing my employer's name from Wall-Mart to Baal-Mart. We save you more money by cutting the wages/hours of our employees. Live better at the cost of others. Ok, so my grievance isn't hours THIS time, but slammage feels sooooo good right now. I think I can almost assure myself that I have become insane because of that place.

I could use a little insanity in my life, so I guess I'll stay for now.

I almost considered not going to school tomorrow, because nothing is going to happen, but then again, I might have quizzes, so I guess I'll go.

I see that many people I care about are hurting right now. Heck, I'm hurting a little myself, but we all seem to be struggling. Why can't we declare tomorrow "Let's just forget and move on" day. I think we could all use it. Just go out in the streets, scream, pray, then play a brisk game of lawn darts while drinking some Vault and Vault Red Blitz. Seriously. We need a comp day. We can go searching for answers to why we are so screwed up and just plain screwed, but answers do not just come willy nilly like that, so that is why I suggest throwing lawn darts. Lawn darts, who says you need a lawn for these things anyhow. Now available at the bullseye store.

All stupidiousness aside, I wish I could help people more. I really do. My question is how can I help others if I can barely help myself. Smile? Just be there? Listen to them? That is honestly all I can do. I wish I could be the lawn dart guy, but I can't. I mean I could, but hardly anyone would appreciate that. We push ourselves away from other people, that we just forget about the beauty of life. A chance to breathe and do what our creator wants us to do. Some freedom is involved, but there are restrictions that apply. I wish life could just be that simple. I wish it was a simple as it was in "Ed". That show has everything figured out. I wish I had a Stuckeyville to move to, but I don't. Marshtown may be the closest I get to it.

I just realized how sad that last sentence was.

Anyways, I better get some sleep so I can function tomorrow. After today, almost anything can be an improvement. I'll try to have the next Geek's weekly tomorrow too.

The Allengator

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