Allen (allengator86) wrote,

I Ponder on the Lesson of My Life's Insanity

I thought I'd post almost after I woke up, but before work. Yes, I actually have a day shift for once, but unfortunately, I have to....ugh.....cashier my way through today. I hate cashiering, but it is only four hours, so maybe I'll survive.

I finished my last accounting homework. YAY!!!!!!!!! Now all I have to do is survive four more quizes, one exam, and the final, and I will be fine until January, when I have to take the supposedly harder managerial accounting...ugh...why am I forced to take it?

I feel like I have been given several awkward assignments lately, from work and otherwise. At work, it seems my job is to tell other people what to do in my areas. Twice I have had to uncomfortably ask people to do stuff on my behalf. I do not like that. It is not my position or job to ask people to do things. I am not a boss, and never will be. Once you start to tell people what to do, they act all "who died and made YOU boss?" on me. Then again, most people don't, but at least I get that way if the situation were reversed.

There is one more thing that is going to be tough, but I am going to try to get through it. I just hope that what happens will not change much, but my fear is that it will. I really do not want to alienate people I have been close with the past few years. On the opposite side, it may make them closer. I just wish there was something different I could do. Anyways, ignore that. Those were the sleep-deprived senile thoughts of a random guy.

I'm going to preach another sermon next month, on the weekend before Christmas. I don't want to get into the whole "Christmas" argument with people. I simply see it as a time for traditions, like exchanging gifts and being extra (in the case of most people, fake) nice to people. Yes, I do appreciate the Lord's birth and everything, but really, I focus on his life on a grander scale. Not only that, most people misrepresent, if not totally ignore, the Bible's take on his birth. Sorry for that rant. There may be more before the season is through.

Thanksgiving will be the same as always. Good food, family, and fun. It is honestly one, if not my favorite holiday of the year. I love it mostly due to just being around family, catching up, and just enjoying the moments of being together....well, also having someone to play Nintendo with, heh.

I have another game I need to develop. I am not sure how to go about it yet. I just need to make screencaps and that would be enough, but I am an overacheiver dangit! I want to make the game playable!!!! That is why I went ahead and finished my accounting homework. Now all that is stopping me is C#, but that class is trying to be easier, so goody.

Work is there. Yup.....there it all its non-glory.

The recurring entries have been non-existent, minus the Geek's Weekly, for several reasons. One is due to the new lappy. I would love to make some new audio blogs, but I need the program and the proper ftp utility to upload them. As far as written vignettes, like Petey's and so forth, I have had little to no time to work on. If I post one, I want to put a little thought into it. Yeah, it may seem like I blatantly just type words on here, but at least the blatant words had *some* thought put into them. I swear, especially over break, there will be more of everything. School has just been a massive pain in the butt. Spring may be worse, as I have an extra class added to my workload. Just bear with me and I will try to get things the way they were, but especially with finals looming around the corner, it will be little to non-existant for now. I need to have absolutely no life to do those too. My life has been speeding towards obllivion and I jsut want all of you to witness it! YAY! OBLIVION!!!!!!!!!


Anyways, I better finish my cup of joe and head to the salt mines. If anyone buys and goes through my line, please do not judge me based on my attitude. It just can't tolerate cashiering. Sorry.

With that, I am off. Have a good weekend everybody!

The Allengator

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