Allen (allengator86) wrote,

This is Just Plain Scary to Watch

I was watching Infomania....yes...again.

Anyways, they usually focus on the ridiculous things in news and the world. Funny, inane things that relate to what is actually going on. It is basically my way of watching the news, seeing that I am rarely home when it is on.

Anyways, at the end of the "News Blast Week in Review", they played this clip.

Imedi is an "opposition" tv news station in the country of Georgia. This past week, the ruler of Georgia declared an "emergency rule" after declaring elections would be held in January. This will not end well.

Like in my blogging a month ago about Myanmarr, this is just frightening to think about, because it could happen here, given the time and people. Maybe not this year, this decade, or in our lifetimes, but it could happen.

I saw the couple of minutes before the newscaster was put in there. There were two different ones in there, a male and female, and this guy told them to leave. He sits down and gives this 50 second speech. He shows some true bravery, not knowing what will happen to him. He could have been killed for all he knew. He put some harsh words in there, like the "violation of the constitution" and "dictatorship" statements. He even, right before the forced sign off, called them their "guests". Most would have called them much, much worse. Hamas could really learn a lesson from that. Are these the kind of people who are going to overthrow a government overnight? No.

Just visualizing the sights he saw. The president of the company, captured. People with their faces on the floor, and he, he is the only person left there, squeezing what he can. I know he had to be the last one because towards the end, you see the camera change angles, meaning the cameraman was stopped right before him.

The rest is like this. After the shutdown, the police asks "is it off", and he said "yes, we are off the air". They take him downstairs with the rest, and they are able to go home safely, without harm to their families, which is better than the people of Myanmarr could hope for, sadly.

What is going on with the world? Are we stepping into the bounds of oblivion?

What are your thoughts? Comment below, please.

The Allengator

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