Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Yes, I Still Remember How to Blog an Entry.

I have been working too much on schoolwork and work related things. It is now time to go back to basics. Blogging on here.

November is typically my busiest month of the fall, so I may not be on a lot, but I try. The good news is that I got Thanksgiving off! First time in a few years!!

I feel the need to say something meaningful on here. Maybe I should? I mean it is a blog after all. Hmm....well, I have managed to waste all of my free time on developing a game I can't use for my gaming class. So why am I doing it? Because of demand. I am doing a lot with it this weekend because after that, it may fall into oblivion. I'm not sure.

In other deep news, I ripped this from an Infomania pod. Kinda interesting. (Warning: Probably not good for people that get eppileptic shocks easily)

Yeah. Doves "true beauty" campaign is pretty serious, coming from the same company that sponsers Axe deoderant, whose commercials are Hooters-esque. Then again, I've seen freakier PETA commercials. Those people just try to SCARE you into submission. So zealous....

I have decided to not let stress enter my life so much anymore. I had a shocking revelation that maybe I should tone down a little and save the blood pressure for when I (don't) run for president. Now, I'm not saying I'm all hippie-like like I was a few years ago, but I am more mellow. So I miss an assignment, so what? I'm not going to be ok with EVERYTHING, but I am not going to let everything bother me.

In other shocking revelations: I need a life.

I think maybe my horomones are kicking in again. I see myself going to personals websites and seeing if I can find anyone who wouldn't mind dating a moderately overweight, geeky, religious dude, and the people I find that I think I would click the most with live miles and miles away. Fiddlesticks! When I do local searches, I mostly find people who wouldn't dig me. I mean most around here live on farms/country and love the outdoors. I am the most anti-that there is. I prefer city life. Being indoors and doing city-like things! Anyways, enough self-promotion.

I have been watching shows from my childhood. I miss those days.

Anyways, I know you are all like "Please, just stick to Geek's Weekly". Fine, maybe I WILL.

(Rough translation: No.)

The Allengator

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