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Nerds R Us Vol. 5


Heroes Synopsis in short:

This week's episode was MUCH better than most. I think it was the best this season. It is starting to resolve several storylines, more powers are being added, and best of all, David Sanders is still in it! When I heard at first that he was a "regular" this season, I was like, "Huh? I thought he was just Kensei? Isn't Hiro just supposed to be in the past for a few episodes?

But the major developments are as follows: Matt can do more than read minds it seems. He can also alter preceptions. It is hinted that Mohinder is the one who kills HRG. No Maya and Miguel</strike> Alejandro this week. Hiro tries to convince Kensei to give up his vileness, but he does not and explodiates with the tent of guns. Hiro is back in the present, but it going to right after the explosion from the first season finale. Peter was in the future, loses Caitlyn, and comes back, memory in hand. The best part in the whole episode. Adam Monroe is actually....dun dun DUUUN!!!! Kensei. "Huh?", you ask. I guess the guy is actually immortal, and I bet he knows that Hiro is here too...

Pushing Daisies:

Putting the 'Fun' in Funeral: The brother of the guy Ned accidently killed wants to know who killed his brother. Ned doesn't take the case because he knows why. He used it to revive Chuck. Now someone killed the brother as well. The best part was definately the southern-accented chinease guy.

Pigeon: A guy with one arm finds a woman with one leg, who has diamonds. That is pretty much the jest of it. In awesome news, there was a TMBG song in the episode, which was, ironically, "Birdhouse in Your Soul".

Speaking of music shout-outs, "Chelsea Dagger" by The Fratellis was on this week's episode of Chuck. Awesome.

In television related news, the WAG is on strike, so we may not get any more "Heroes" after December this season. Same goes for "Chuck" and "Pushing Daisies". The only show, thankfully, exempt from this strike is "Lost". Here's to an early settlement!


I will be releasing a "kinda beta" version of my game on here soon. I am working out a few more bugs and features. To whet your appetite, I will describe it as a cross between "Secret Collect" on the homestarrunner website, and "Chip's Challenge". So far 7 out of 7 people have given me a thumbs up, a group that comprises of casual gamers, hardcorists, amd nerds. I am going to develop more this weekend and may put the project on hold until school ends, as we are going to use a new game engine in my class.

Video Games:

Well, I guess L-block won the GameFAQs contest, and I have mixed feelings about it. I am frustrated at the idiots who think they are all that for helping it win. I also do not consider L-block a "character". We did get revenge the next day, as GameFAQs had one last "battle" between L-block, Pong Paddle, Weighted Companion Cube, or the ? Block. The ? Block won. Heh. Who's your L-block NOW, people? Heh heh heh.

Super Mario Bros. 3 released on the virtual console this week. Do yourself a favor and GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A new video posted this week, more about the Subspace Emissary methinks. It has Diddy nearly being eaten by a pokemon-type water-dragon thingie. Anyways, enjoy the non-slaughter:

The next video I put up in caution. Well....just see it for yourself....

First off, I have never heard of this "kiwibox" group. Who are they? Who is this guy? If he is a supposed "Nintendo rep", then why does he have trouble thinking of characters, that Snake guy.....That SNAKE GUY????? His name is Solid Snake, guy! Quit living in a cardboard box....

So if you believe this guy, then Luigi is in, if there was even a doubt of it before. So if you believe it.....yay...I guess....

Just more opportunity to utilize the "retard rocket".....

This week's dojo updates: 5/10.

I hope you enjoyed this issue. Better Heroes. Better Virtual Console. Better....well, I guess two out of something is good. See ya next week!

Nerd Out!

The Allengator
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