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Nerds R Us Vol. 4

Nerds R Us Vol. 4

Sorry about the lateness of this one. Busy week trying to compile abstracted inheritance and exception handling in C# is to blame.

Anyways, enough personal trauma, onto the reviews.


Heroes (Two weeks) Synopsis in Short:

We finally meet Mr. Parkman, or should I say the “nightmare man”. He seems to reek of pure evil, yo. Veronica Mars shows up and totally trashes Ireland. She has some sort of electrical power. Remember when Peter shocked everybody with that earlier in the season. Pun intended. Hiro’s past adventure is taking a weird turn. VERY weird. Evidently, he fights an army. By ‘he’, I mean Kensei. However, Hiro blasts himself and Yaeko to the cherry blossom scene, and she finds out that HE MADE Kensei. So in order to show her graditude, and to prove that people didn’t care about chivalry or whatnot, she kisses him, and yay yay, Kensei sees them do it. Not ‘it’, but kissing. So Hiro broke history again. Congratulations, Hiro. I see a future where you…..never mind. You messed it up.

Mohinder is a bad parent, as he takes Molly to the Company. No good can come from this. None.

Claire’s story couldn’t be more boring.

So couldn’t Niki’s.

There is a story in Louisiana, but I just kinda don’t feel like I should wate my energy writing about it. It just doesn’t seem worth it. Bottom line, there is a girl who is a walking, talking copycat. She can copy anything she sees. That is all.

Finally, we get another ‘peek’ at the future, and surprise surprise, it is grim. I mean, what would be the point of going to the future and everyone be happy and there be no drama? Anyways, Ney York City is all but abandoned and as the commercial states, 93% of the population is dead. I bet it has something to do with the virus the company is so entranced with.

Pushing Daisies Quickies:

Pie-Lette: Cute, charming, colorful. A modern fairytale, as it were. A young guy named “Ned” touched dead things, they come back to life, if he touches them again, they die permanently, and if they remain alive for over a minute, something else has to die in its place. Ned revives a bug, his mother dies because of the time limit, he revives her, then Chuck’s father dies. Chuck/Charlotte is a friend/crush of Ned’s. He didn’t know about his powers then.

Modern times. Chuck is murdered, Ned revives her, but can’t stand making her die again. That is basically it.

Dummies: Emerson Cod (a crime partner of Ned’s), really doesn’t seem to like Chuck. In short we see a typical murder case. Ned revives a guy, he spills the beans about his death, they collect more clues, and then they catch the guy. It is the same formula with awesome intricacies throughout. Not like the Matlock formula, which is predictable, but charming and just plain awesome.

Episodes 3 and 4 for next time.


Just warning everyone that stores will be playing Christmas music. You have been warned.


Try out the gamemaker. I am going to make some awesome games, and I will share them throughout the future, I hope…

Video Games:

Super Mario Galaxy Update:

I tried the demo at the store today. I must say that it seems to run pretty smooth. Anyone who is a Super Mario 64 gamer will definitely feel right at home with the controls. The movements are good, the worlds are pretty, and Mario runs around looking like he is pretending to be an airplane. Good ‘ol times. I wish I could say more, but I only played about 10 minutes. My only question is wondering if Mario had the ability to punch in this game. Couldn’t seem to figure out how……

Author’s Opinion Corner: character battle: I will elaborate on this atrocious contest next time, but for gamer’s who want to take character battles seriously, do NOT go here. You WILL be disappointed. The contest ends Sunday, and that couldn’t come soon enough. I have a feeling of which “character” will win, and it will be a sad day…*sigh*.


Dojo updates: 8/10. Monday’s stage builder blew me away. I never thought I would be able to do that. AWESOME. I have some excellent ideas for stages. Stay tuned for more on that. Also, classic mode is confirmed. The Ice Climber’s stage looks pretty. Meta Knight’s final smash is FINALLY revealed. Friday’s update was not good.


In the interest of my reader(s) on here, I go tirelessly through tons of the gameplay videos put on the internet. Some are good. Some have poor imaging, which I tend to look over. Some have annoying women talking and yelling the entire time about what is going on right in front of your face. I went through and picked the best of the ones contributed, and hope you agree with me.

Gameplay video 1: Hot Girls Playing SSBB.

Yes, the “I <3 Nerds” chick rules all. First off, she is wearing that shirt. Secondly, she is playing SSBB, and looks like she knows a thing or two about expert handling. Thirdly, she looks like she is having fun. The girl of my dreams…..*sigh*.

Gameplay Video 2: More Hot Girls. 

Sorry, couldn’t resist, and neither can you, right? Notice the Devil assist trophy in the video. Evidently it doesn’t count when the bottom is missing…..interestante….

Gameplay Video 3: 20 Second Shortie. 

This video, aside from again awesome gameplay, shows the awesomeness of the framerate of SSBB.

Gameplay Video 4: Final Smash Compilation. 

Warning, this is probably the most spoilerific vid on here. Final smashes revealed. We know about Mario’s, Link’s, Samus’s, etc., but seeing them in action is what counts. Notable ones here would be Fox’s, Ike’s, Metaknight’s, and to a much much lesser extent, Pikachu’s final smash. Fox’s looks like Giga Bowser’s, except much more powerful. Ike’s is like Link’s, but much cooler looking. Metaknight’s is just plain weird. Pikachu’s brings new meaning to “retard rocket” (thanks again, Lurch!). (Another warning: You might want to turn the volume down as the girl you probably heard screaming in the other vids is just plain relentless…..)

I have one more vid to show, but I will wait until next time to show it, partially because it doesn’t belong with the gameplay vids, but also because it is all I have left to offer you, as good videos are hard to find on YouTube. 

That’s it for this week’s Nerds R Us. Sorry about the lateness. Next week’s shouldn’t be this late. In fact, I’m already working on most of it. 4 Smash Bros. Videos, 4 Television reviews for this 4th volume (see what I did there?). I hope you enjoyed reading. 

Nerd Out! 

The Allengator 
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