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Christmas Trees Are Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, sorry for the lack of bloggings, but it has been an extremely hectic week. Despite not blogging, I still have homework, which will now bw overdue, especially since I am doing this blog, and I have had a HUGE lack of sleep the past week. Most of this is brought to you by C# - "Be Sharp, Use C#"! (Sorry, our teacher made that his password for a quiz we had to take online this week....)

I am not sure if I will get to the Geek's Weekly this week or not. I wish for sure I could say I will do it, but no garuntees. A LOT of Smash Bros info, as well as Heroes and Pushing Daisies. If I do it, it will be short. Sorry, but work is piling up.

Now for my greivences.

My emplyer, who shall remained unnamed, has been really, relaly irking me lately. We have had a huge management upheval. 3, within the course of 3 months, have quit. Employees that have been there for 20+ years are dropping off like leaves in the autumn. Turnover, I believe, has not been higher. Even the awesome dude in stationary who had been there for 3 weeks up and quit, without warning. Work just sucks right now.

We had a new assistant manager over our areas. He ideas are great, at least for the department manager, but I just do not have a good feeling about her. She has contridicted herself several times, and just doesn't seem to care about the well-being of her associates. My main complaint is the scheduling she has done. I have had my hours, slowly, but surely, cut. I am working less in a week than a full time person does in two days. that is just not acceptable, especially when one has to pay for all of his college, and Christmas coming up.


I walked in to said employer today, and in the front of the store I saw a tall 'ol, big 'ol, bright 'ol, green 'ol, loud 'ol Christams tree. It is the day after Halloween. Sheesh.

I was out of town in Branson yesterday, and I forgot how much I hate dollar stores (the ones that are "$1 Store" in green letters). 98% of their stock is porcelin knick knacks. The other 2% is more junk. The books are terrible, toys fall apart within 3 minutes of play, and honestly, who would buy a porcelin cookie jar, with a CAT trying to steal a peice of CHEESE? No mouse in it. Never seen any cat willing to steal that dairy product, but there it is in all of its glory. What do cats and cheese have to do with cookies???

I got a new knife yeterday, yeah!

I also drank root beer from the tap. The best I have ever had.

School is slowy but surely killing all my free time, mostly C# class. He is going WAY to fast. He wants a chapter a week done, but last I checked, we are FIVE chapters ahead of the other C# classes. I have not had this much trouble understanding code in a long while.

Accounting, sadly, is becoming my best class. Does THAT make any sense?????

Lastly, despite all the other things I could vent about on here, I just wanted to just say that things just do not seem right to me. I'm mainly talking about most people who call me their "friend". One in paticular has just been avoiding me, without any reason. I don't know what her problem is, but she won't tell me, so if she just doesn't want me around, I'll just live with it. I've tried getting ahold of others, but they are either "too busy", "not around", or just avoiding me. Just like I am paranoid about work begging me to quit, am I thinking that people just do not like me. If I'm your friend, then where have you been the past few weeks? Why haven't you talked to me? Why, when talking about your friends, am I not included? What have I done, or not done, to deserve this?

After that rant, things just seem pointless right now. I am constantly praying for strength, patience, and slowness to anger, but the answer just seems to be "not now". I do feel better after venting on here, but I still feel like crud, a nobody, as it were.

I feel better now. Sorry about that, guys.

Again, my blogs will be few and short for the next week or so. Next week I have two "off days" in which I should be able to get some work done. Which work is unknown at this time, but let's just say that I can't wait for Christmas. It will mean these things:

1) More hours at work.
2) Friends being all chummy with me.
3) No school.
4) More proof of God's beautiful creation, in reference to snow (except when animals do their business in it, but that was God's plan too, I guess).

Have fun, be safe, and don't do anythign Bob Dole wouldn't do.

The Allengator

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