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Enjoy a double scoop of Heroes next time!


Short Review

Album: "Let it Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer" – Relient K:

This album is an extension of their earlier album "Deck the Halls. Bruise Your Hand". It adds several good songs. Highlights include "Sleigh Ride", "Angels We Have Heard on High", "12 Days of Christmas", "I'm Getting Nuttin' for Christmas", "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", "Handel's Messiah", "Auld Lang Syne", and "Old Kind Wenceslas". I will have a full review in the near future. I give the album 8/10. Good job, guys!

Video Games:

Nintendo's Virtual Console service continues to fail. No games worth downloading for weeks for me. I am not a huge Sega Genisis fan outside of the Sonic franchise and I haven't ever heard of the Neo Geo, so most likely I will not get most, if any, of those games. I think I may cry :(.

Picross DS:

Full Review

I can NOT say enough good things about picross. I think the worst picross pouzzle is better than the best Sudoku out there. This game delivers many puzzles that will keep you guessing for hours. I am not even through all of them left. The premise is simple. The game is what would happen if the classic logic puzzle from puzzle books and Sodoku were to mate. You would wind up with Picross. You have a grid, and all you have is numbers for every column and row. It can vary from "7", which means 7 consecutive blocks that need to be filled, th "1 2 5 2 3", which means one block filled in, then space(s) (which you have to either logically figure out of just guess), then 2 blocks filled in, then so many spaces, then 5…and so on. That is when it gets challenging.

Picross DS does have a steeper learning curve than other versions of Picross I have played. There are only 5 – 10 5 x 5 puzzles, which are easiest, then it goes 10 x 10 for about a level, then it goes to 15 x 15, which is significantly more difficult, 20 x 20, then 20 x 25.

What is the catch, you need to solve every puzzle within an hour. Easy you say? Depends on which mode you play. Standard ones, I find, are much easier, but if you make a mistake (choose a block to be filled in, but is actually supposed to be blank), then you lose 2 minutes the first time, 4 the next, then 8 for every mistake after that. In other words, it is not a guessing game.

Then there is free mode, where they will not tell you if you make a mistake. That is blessing and a curse. One mistake can throw off an entire puzzle, and by then, it is much easier just to start over. Also, puzzles are much, much harder. Typical lines could be "1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1", and in a 25 x 20, those are murder.

There are over 200 (I would say 300, but I don't want to mislead you), puzzles, plus ones being uploaded on a server, meaning you can download new packs, last I checked, every 2 weeks.

There is also Wifi play, which I have not tried myself, and Multiplayer, which is like Wifi, only not on Wifi. So much Wifi.

There is also 5 different daily modes. Standard, which you have to solve 5 7x7 grids as fast as you can, "No X marks", meaning you can't mark any blocks as "do not fill", "Error correct", correcting 5 paritally solved puzzles, memory, being shown the rows and columns for a few seconds, then filling them in by memory for just one grid. Then "Mystery Number" in which 3 numbers are blanked out, but the numbers are given in the above screen in random order. So it becomes mostly a guessing game. Fun Fun.

I give the game a solid 8.5, but would go upwards to 8.9. Mostly due to music (you get tired of the same tracks over and over again), and replay ability isn't real evident, but is one of the best puzzle games on the DS since "Polarium". Bottom Line: Get this game. The $20 price point is well worth it.


I am not going to rate the updates as of yet because it is only Tuesday, but it looks like it is headed for another 4, if not 3, mostly due to information I already know. The DS stage looks killer, but that is all.

Here is the deal. This issue is going to feature videos from the "Subspace Emissary" section. Next time will be some (good) gameplay videos, then the time after that, an analysis of the videos. E for All was this last weekend, and as any fan person knows, a Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament was had. There were a TON of gameplay vids put up, and honestly, most of them kinda sucked either to a) Poor lighting quality (not being able to see the characters, b) Sound, some annoying girl yelling through almost all of the vids. Annoying, and c) The videos either confirm nothing or the people playing it just….aren't good. For example, on one, a guy is like "What's that?" when the smash ball appeared. It's the stupid smash ball, idiot! Have you been living under a rock? If so, how did you know about E for All? I won't rant anymore. Without further adieu, the videos, courtesy of ShadowUltima on Youtube. Credits go to him.


Beginning Cut Scenes:

Donkey Kong and his bananas (includes level map):

Pit Meets Mario:

Kirby and the Princess after the Petey Fiasco:

Thoughts on these videos in the future. I am a little more excited about this mode now, needless to say.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Nerds R Us. A short review, a full review, and videos galore. I hope I can keep this up on a weekly basis, but it looks like next week's volume will be late in the week, but things can change.

Nerd Out!

The Allengator

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