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Disturbing Jigsaw Puzzles

Yes, you are reading the entry title correctly. I am going to talk about jigsaw puzzles.

I rag on my employer a lot, all in go(not)od fun, but sometimes I question the authority of their products. I have seen some disturnimg products in my time, and I thought I would start a new segment on here called "Disturbing Product Placement".

Disturbing Product Placement!!!

Jigsaw puzzles have been a staple in our lives. Everyone has attempted to put one together, usually not succeeding. I am so guilty of that.

I was straightening up the toys area, and evidently I have not seen the puzzlesi n a long time, because boy, have they changed. Here are some I saw:

One Piece Jigsaw Puzzle: That's right, your favorite puzzle of all time is now in one piece. Fun for all ages. Double-sided! 6 feet long! I saw the box it comes in. All they did was fold it up. It was not even scrambled. What a rip off. Then again, how can you scramble one piece?

Things to See Before You Die: Yes, you saw that right. In a kids departmnent, a puzzle that reminds them of their mortality. Granted, some of the pictures are...say....picturesque, but still.....before you DIE......the heck, Wall*Mart?

Bruning Building: Yes, Marty. Let's work on a puzzle to spend some quality time together. I got one of a burning building. See? That guy will now have to contact an insurance agent and be put on hold for a while.

That is all of the disturbing products I have for you this time.

I did two chapters of accounting today. I was so proud of myself, I gave myself a french vanilla cookie bar. Yay cookie bars!

On that note, I hope you have a good weekend. I hope to update again soon!

The Allengator
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