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What a Drip

Howdy peoples

I was driving home Tuesday, and decided to get some gas. Iwas heading towards Casey's gas station, when, oh my, there was a column of steam coming from under my hood. Then, I noticed a long trail of antifreeze down the road. I was upset. Called home, went to a garage, called a tow truck, went back to the garage, went home without my car, went to work in the family van (NO headroom WHATSOEVER!), found my car, had joy, saw the bill, had deep sadness. Well, that brings almost $2000 spent on my car. :(

Today was also aggrivating. Came home, door was unlocked, my mothers car (ye olde van, again) was not in the driveway. Went inside, saw the tv on (It was Ellen's show...yeah....) asked if anyone was home, saw my narcoleptic cat, and no one answered. I sat down and watched the rest of the recent LOST episode (it kinda sucked, won't go into detail on here) and waited. I was afraid, looked at the answering nachine, checked my voice mail, and did not hear anything from my mom. There were clothes baskets laying out, unfinished laundry, messy kitchen, tv on (Ellen was STILL ON), and me (and the narcoleptic cat). Well, I commenced to cleaning the kitchen up, gathered up laundry, and the phone rang. I thought it would be herm but no, it was Erin, asking if I could come to the academic practice. I told her my mom was out, and normally I wouldn't be concerned, but the way the house was, I was afriad something bad had happened to someone atg church, or even my dad. She understood. She's awesome. I was starting to fix supper when loe and behold, dearest mother comes in. She was at Wal-Mart.........buying cat food..........for the narcoleptic cat........saying she got caught up in my sister showing her a hat sale.......I told her I was nervous about something bad happening. She also got caught up in a conversation with someone. I went to my room and worked on my VisualBasic programs.....stupid strings.....

Oh, I also learned that a proper name for Billy (other than "Pretty Boy") is "Prick". He really is......

I'm not mad or anything. Actually, I'm chuckling to myself while I type this.

Have an awesome weekend, whoever reads this!!!!!

The Allengator
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