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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Camel Casing is Awesome!
Ice King, Adventure Time
I was going to write an entry earlier today, but some things happened.

First off, my brain is completely devoid of all information. I had exams in all of my classes today.

Inbetween a couple, I was going to post, but some guy nearly made fun of the fact that I blog. Please don't curse my blogging skills, or as I prefer to call it, carpel tunnel prevention thingie.

Finally I was going to blog when I got home, but Tuesday night is my night to catch up on TV shows. I also neglected to watch Survivor, but I am really not enjoying this season. Heroes and Chuck are the ones I usually watch tonight. I HOPE Pushing Daisies is recorded this week......it is not offered on any sites but iTunes, and I am NOT going to go down to that level again.

I was going to complain about accounting again, but then again, when haven't you heard, "accounting is annoying and I don't get it" on here....right......

Then I went home....listened to the *shudder* STAR 105.1, which appears to be DJ free. :( Did all of those people lose their jobs? Plus, 80's music? Boo! I'm not saying I hate 80's music, far from it. I like some, but I already have 2 other classic rock stations preset......I WANT OLDIES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new kitty is here.....it is waaay too friendly with us, to the point it follows us everywhere. I'm just scared it might get hurt if we don't see it and take off in our cars, and parents have already forbidden us to keep it since we have two other kitties. I would put angelic, but I shouldn't lie.

We have a new assistant manager at Wall*Mart. She's ok I guess. Smart and nice....so far.......

New Relient K album out next week (I know that'll make you happy, Erin). It is full of Christmas music. If you have never heard this group do Christmas music, you are seriously missing out. Hopefully I will get it next week and will review. There are preview clips on Amazonmp3.com. Yes, I am STILL begging people to go there.

Heroes was better this week. More on that later.

A couple new games to review later.

This is all I feel like saying for now. I am seriously too drained to think of anything interesting. It is also doubtful that I blog tomorrow, as work, church, and homework have already remedied that. Hopefully Thursday will not be as difficult as it was. I am SO ready for a day off.

The Allengator