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Oldies Meltdown?
Ice King, Adventure Time
Sorry, but this is a local entry.

Anyone who is in the southwest area of Missouri. Answer me this. What is up with 105.1? The oldies station. I turned it on today, and it is all "When will oldies become new?", then playing random clips of things. They would be all "1987. Girls, just want to have fun....the NEW Coke....The wall is seperating germany...." all sorts of weird stuff, up to 1989.

What does this all mean. No DJs, no commercials. No explaination. After doing this for two years "like 76...77....", then they play a full song. Then they start it up again for another two years. You're playing Pink Floyd? C'mon, Pink Floyd ISN'T Oldies. Another SISTER station plays his tunes......

.....I'm scared for the future of the oldies station. VERY scared....

The Allengator


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