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Nerds R Us: Vol. 1

Hey everyone.

Once again, I do not wish to elaborate on my personal life because I just don't feel like it. So I will talk about other things instead.

Heroes had some good, but mostly bad in it this week. Peter enjoying being evil? What the heck?????!!!???? D.L. is dead? Why? I kinda like Leonard Roberts. Hiro, you were in the part where you could leave the past without irreprable damage, but you're staying because of a crush on a girl? Theory time. I wonder if Hiro will be the dragon in his story. I can almost bet you he is. Sylar is back, which is about the only good part of this abyssmal episode. He hasn't changed either. He's still killing heroes, but his ill-gotten powers do not seem to work anymore. I was hoping he would turn good, but he is still very welcome. Do NOT get me started on Mohinder/Matt's story. Claire's was mildly interesting at most. At least the nerd guy is having his day *sigh*. Sad news: Noah showed up in one of Isaac's paintings as shot in the head. PLEASE DO NOT KILL OFF HRG!!! HE IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Missed Pushing Daisies this week due to a tape error. I'm going to try to watch it Tuesday through the stunet.

I miss Lost.

Relient K is releasing a full Christmas album October 23rd. I am SO getting it. If you haven't heard their Christmas songs, "12 Days of Christmas" in paticular, you are missing out.

I am going to post a lyrics entry soon.

I listened to a "Alice in Chains" song. I'm relatively concerned about it. Mostly because I liked it. Grunge is not me at all, so why them?

Got the edited version of "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd. That song is soooo awesome.

I kinda like the group "The Fratellis". Their music has punch and a different ring to it. Almost like a modern Beatles group. "Chelsea Dagger" is a good example.

Please use the servie. DRM free music, yo!

My Hard Drive thing won't work. I think I'm going to cry.

Hopefully more new info on Super Mario Galazy soon like next week soon.

Sad news. I think part of the reason of Sonic's reveal was to cover up the fact that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is indeed delayed. As in 2008 delayed. It makes me sad, but I am a man of patience. I also think this is a wise move as to not overshadow the release of both Guitar Hero III and Super Mario Galaxy. I swear, SSBB is the Wii's Halo 3.

Speaking of SSBB, if you want some new info, go to just about any major video game review website. They have hands on videos and reviews. Nothing but praise thus farm even from newbies to the series. This is one video that is interesting. Samus vs. Mario, then Link vs. Sonic.

New confirmations: Advance Wars assist trophy. Some spike ball thing. Party balls. Pill bottles. Hammer. Home Run Bat. Laser sword. Bob-Boms. Homing Bombs (from Star Fox 64)Lip's stick. Ike sounds like a girl. Big mushroom. Little mushroom. How the smash ball works (you have to hit it so many times before you can use it, so someone can steal it if you're not careful). Multiple color schemes (at least 5). Heart container. Zero Suit Samus (as of now) not selectable. Peach's final smash is that she appears on both sides of the screen, like a border, and knocks everyone out (similar to Jigglypuff's singing in previous enstallements), then some fuzzy peaches fall. Random, right? Super Sonic is Sonic's final smash. Movesets fully customizable, meaning you can change what function a button does. Sideways wiimote is easy (especially for newbies), but not as free as a joystick. Looks like the worst configuration is the classic controller thus far. Movesets nearly identical to SSBM. Emphasis was placed on multiple changing arenas. These are just what I remember, but I am sure there is more. Watch the vids yourself. Here was the official presentation:

Zelda Phantom Hourglass: I'd rank it one of the ones that I will forget in the Zelda series. Please, quit making games centered around Link SNEAKING AROUND things. I much prefer free roaming, but not to the point where it takes 10 minutes to get anywhere (yeah, WINDWAKER). It was also too easy. Got to the final boss within 4 days of play. Sad. I would rate it 5/10. Sad to say it fails......

That's it for Nerds R Us. Join us (if we have) a next time.

The Allengator
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