Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Lost and Found: The Saga of Petey the Monkey - LJ 15

As promised, I am going to reproduce the Petey's I wrote outside. Expect the other next time.

The Saga of Petey the Monkey

By The Allengator

Petey was sad. "I do not want to be sad." Petey said. Petey went outside. He saw a robin on a tree branch. He tore off a piece of his sandwich. The robin ate it and then stooped onto Petey's shoulder. Petey placed another crumb. Another robin ate is then winged to his shoulder as well. He placed more crumbs. More robins congregated to his shoulders.

Soon, the robins saw a worm, and they flew toward it, with Petey still in their talons. They went up. They went up. THey went up. In order to go higher, the robins had to lose the excess weight. They dropped Petey. Petey hit the ground hard and passed out.

Moral: Never trust a robin.

The Allengator
Tags: tsoptm

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