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On Myanmar and People

I am posting a serious entry, again.

I am tired of some people's attitudes towards stuff. Yeah, I am usually an easy going guy and I don't think too deeply into things, but sometimes I do have something I like to talk about. Current events, news, and other topics of serious discussion.

Anyways, my mind has been on Myanmar lately.


I mean those of us who live in America should consider ourselves pretty lucky in terms of even trying to attempt to having a democracy, a form of government that most places, like Myanmar want to have. Here is what I understand based on my limited news watchings.

Myanmar has been under a military-type governemnt for a while. After getting independence from Great Brittan, they went into this millitary dictatorship thing, and most were not pleased. In comes the democracy. People voted to get Aung San Suu Kyi for a pro-democracy party. The junta would not allow that, chose not to adhere to the results, and continued on like nothing happened. It is truly sad.

Protests started a few weeks ago, the first since the 80's. Buddhist monks paraded peacefully in the streets and many followed in the thousands. Keep in mind this is a peaceful assembly, like we have the right to in America. The junta did not like this and wanted everyone to stop. They did not back down. Several days of protest later, most recently due to spiking costs in gasoline, the junta decided to start forcefully stopping the people in Myanmar.

After that, they shot into the crowds, killing several, including a journalist. An innocent. To add insult to injury, the junta decided to start cutting off food supplies to the general populus, because the crowds are totally beating them to a bloody They are remaining peaceful, as I believe it is in the beliefs of monks to do so in that manner only.

It is quite sad to hear people struggling to remain alive being drug down by people who have simply had too much power go to their heads. The UN isn't helping. The U.S. has its butt stuck in the middle east to even really care. No one is really offering to help. The only reason, which is sad enough, that I know about this is because of the news media.

The News-Leader had a picture of a monk's sandal and a trail of blood coming from it. Truly a sad scene. This just really hits me for some reason. It makes me glad that I am in a country where we do have rights to do things in a like manner, but it makes me sad that there are places who want it, and are deprived of it. Some places do not want it or even need it. I am just reffering to the places that, as a whole, want it.

The reaosn I ranted at the beginning was that I was trying to talk to some people at work about it. Partially because I was bored, partially because the newspaper was in front of me with the picture stated earlier on it. I said it was pretty sad what was going on and that we are lucky to be Americans. I got looks from people, then they continued on their vain discussions about what they would have for dinner and who was meeting who after work. Some people, like that, make me sad. I try to have serious conversations with people there, but they are either a) not educated enough, or b) don't give a crap about anything that doesn't directly apply to them.

I try not to be that way, but I am guilty as the next person. I know some people feel like we should ignore it, but I think that it provides a good understanding and a good reminder of what we have, and what we went through to get it.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in Myanmar.

For more on Myanmar, go to here.

If you give a stupid, vain comment to this entry, consider yourself warned. Don't do it.

The Allengator

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