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TeH sUrVeY (Plz Read and Reply!!!!111!!!!)

Here iz 100 questions about me. I hope u like it and do it and post it yourself. LoLz!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!

TeH sUrVeY

Too Many Questions

1. Non-stereotypical first question about your name.
My name has nothing to do with stereotypes.

2. Forks vs. Spoons.
Forks FTW.

3. Who are you in luv with?
Anyone who spells love 'l-o-v-e'.

4. Ever hit on anyone at work?
Duh. That is why work exists....NOT.

5. What is you opinion on Japanese Anime?
I think the latest episode of Inuyasha Saga was too stupid because Kyara totally looks less hot without her school uniform on. Then stupid Kenushi was totally hitting on Sarashi. The stupid robot character was annoying as always.

6. C/-\|\| u r3/-\d t|-||$, |_0|_?????!!!!?????
Yes, noob.

7. Bratz or barbie?
I hate them both equally.

8. Does someone have your heart?
thank goodness no, because if they had my heart, I would be dead. Keeping it literal all the time, it's the Allengator.

9. 50-cent or 51 cent?
Why is it 'cent' instead of 'cents'?

10. Star Wars or Star Tropics?
Star Tropics, becasuse....I have no good reason.

12. Garfield or Jemima?
What the.....

13. 70's or Freida?
Who in the heck wrote this? Some 14 year old without a life?

14. What makes you sad?
People who fill out these on a more than every-third-week basis.

15. What makes you sadder?
People who makes these things.

16. What makes you saddest of all?
People who spam these things on 'myspace' or 'facebook' every breathing opportunity they can. They are all like "LoL, LoOk At ThIs SuRvEy I tOok, or, U bEtTeR rEpLy, Or ElSe>.>. Seriously, its annoying. I am only 'making this survey up' and 'making stupid answers', to make you realize how it is just annoying. Seriously....

17. Stupid this vs. That statement.
I think the . in Vs gets less attention than anyone.....

18. Spam vs Beef:
Seriously, look, they forgot the . this time.....sad......poor little guy.....

19. Why?
Why, indeed......

20. Do you like mexican food or chinease food more?
I prefer American food, thank you very much El Dae Bin.

21. Did you notice number 11 is missing?
No its not. It is right here, just out of order. Get back in line!!!!!

22. Did you go back and check?
I hate you.

23. Who was the last to do this?
I hate you.

24. Favorite holiday?
I hate you.

25. Favorite favorite?
I hate you.

26. Monkey?
I hate you even more for taking a monkey's name in vain.

27. If you had 2 eggs and your friend had 3, how many oranges do you have?
I hate you.

29. Hamburgers?
I hate you.

30. Fries?
I hate you.

31. Lighting fixture needs repairing. Are you 'up' to it?
I hare you.

32. Stereotypical girlie question.
I hate you.

33. Stereotypical girlie question.
I hate you

34. Stereotypical girlie question.
I hate you

35. Stereotypical 'boi' question.
I really really really hate you.

36. Are you striaght?
Yes, wouldn't be any other way. I still hate you.

37. Do you swear?
I accidently let one slip every few years or so, idiot.

38. Another anime question.
I hate you.

39. Best place to hang?
Below the belt in your case......

40. Did you notice that there was no 28?

41. Did you check on it too?
I loathe you.

42. What are you doing?
Condemning you to eternal hellfire.

43. (/-\|\| LJ r3/-\|) |)|5 2?
LJ r3@|_|_y nn@|<3 nn3 nn@|).

44. What is the last major discovery you made?
That you have no life, or soul, or brain, or......

45. If you had one wish, how many french fries would your friend have in his hands 5 years ago?
I hate you.

46. Do you like surveys like this?
Insert 'I hate you' here.

47. What did question 11 ask?
Do you hate me?

48. What was the 16th question?
After exhaustive research, it was 'what makes you saddest of all?

49. Did you know the correct answer was Stupid this vs. That statement as there was no question 11?

50. What time is it?
Time for God to strike you down.

51. Where do you live?
As far away from you as possible.

52. Did you know there was no question 11?
ENOUGH OF THAT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

53. Did you know that turkeys are the dumest animal on Earth?
'Dumer' than you? Surely thou jest!

54. Are you tired?
Of your questions!

56. I think monkeys suck.
I hate you.

57. Geek or nerd?
I hate you exponentially.

58. Will you send this to all of your friends?
No, just to my enemies?

59. Will you spam this for all the world to see?
Of your stupidity, yes.

60. How long is a fortnight?
Longer than you will ever have with a, ZING!

61. What is the deffinition of irony?
Me filling this out and spamming it everywhere.

62. Did you give an example of one instead of defining it?
I hate you.

63. Did you notice there was no '55'?
For the love of Pete, yes!

64. Did you Ch-.
DIDN'T NEED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

65. You need anger management.
And you need a life, but we all can't get what we want.

66. Do you like the Beatles?

This or That:


More Questions:

68. Do you know why there was only one question in that category?
Because you suck?

69. What will you do after this?
Condemn you soul to eternal hellfire even more.

70. How about them Care Bears?
You did NOT just ask that.

71. How about them Teletubbies?
I hate you.

72. How about that Barney?
Fife was a legend.

73. .....the dinosaur.
I hate you.

74. Who is on your friends list? friends, stupid.

75. I meant list their names on here.
No, it'll fuel you're insanity.

76. Do it, MORTAL!!!!!!!!
COOOOOOOMMMMMMBAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Duh Do Dah Do do do do do do.......FINISH HIM!!!!

77. Seriously, man, do it.
Ok, TKO'ed!!!!!!!!!!!! ALLENGATOR FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

78. Whateveh.
Gurlfriendz......*snap snap snap*

79. Do you have any ethnic friends?
They prefer the term, human, dipwad.

80. How about them Strawberry Shortcakes?

81. Place your paradigm here.
I will not dignify this with a response....CRAP!

82. Write your novel here.
I hate you.

A novella by The Allengator.

I hate you.

The end.

83. Hi.
Ok, this originally did not have the question number 83, so I added one for this person's sake.

84. Did you notice that 83 was missing?
No its not.

85. Did you check it?
Uh, its not missing.

86. I bet you lied about that.
No, no I didn't.

87. What iz ur fav song?
I cnt spel worh a drn.

88. *Giggle*
Quit trying to flirt with me.

89. 3 dead trolls in a baggie.
Uh, that isn't even a question.....

90. 80's version vs. TMNT:
80's all the way.

91. Who is number 1 on your mysapce account?
A friend.

92. Stereotypical quesiton about food.
Stereotypical answer about food.

93. How about them Red Sox?
How about proper English grammar?

94. Harry Potter of Clifford the Big Red Dog?
Clifford of course!

95. What is your favorite tv show?
The one that makes you quiet.

96. Pets question.
I have them.

97. What did you use the ATM last for?
To get money.

98. Shoes or scarfs?
Scarfs are highly underrated.

99. Are you glad this isalmost over?
Yes, because I hate you.

100. Numba 100!
No kidding, Columbo!

101. Why did I add another question?
Because you hate me as I hate you.

102. One more question to make it an even 100! Are you ready for it to be over?
Ok, I added one so this is the even 100. In closing, I hate you. I'm too glad this is over so I can go on with my can peope do 4 or 5 of these a day.....I swear........

Author's note: If you are guilty of spamming peopole like this more freqently than a monthly basis, please stop. It makes me cry. You know who you are. Just stop it. They are not cool. They are not interesting. And guess what? NO ONE READS THEM!!!!!!!!


This has been a long time coming. I hope you enjoyed it!

The Allengator

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