Allen (allengator86) wrote,

In the Name of Lappy....

Hey, I should be posting a fairly big spoof entry tomorrow, if I remember. Its done, I just prefer to only do an entry a day, so that no entry shines above the other. Yeah....

I am also going to post the "lost Peteys" soon. I have them scrawled on napkins, so it iwll take time to translate. They are THAT good.


Not a whole lot else going on besides the occassional homework hazard. I am awaiting my new lappy soon. I am thinking of names I can call it. I will either call it "The Mother of All Lappys", or MOAL for short, or maybe "The Chosen Lappy", or TCL, or maybe "The Ultimate Lappy". No abbreviations for that. It is that powerful. It is a Super Lappy. Unfortunately, it does not exist yet..... :(

Why do I call my Laptop/Notebooks "Lappy" you ask? Because the guys at Homestarrunner do it, and that's good enough for me. I have always loved the wackiness of the name "Lappy", and it rolls right off the tongue. I call it that so much, others have called it the "Lappy". It has earned the right to keep the title "Lappy".

Too many quotes.

But this one is way more powerfuol than any I have previously had. Loads of RAM, Huge Hard Drive. All of the specs turn me on. Even James drooled at the thought. Heh.

It is a sad day when the toughest decision I make is what I will name my lappy....(-.-)' I need a life.

Anyways, I hope you look forward to the next entry. It is awesome, I swear!

(Would I lie?)

The Allengator

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