Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Guess Who I am Imitating?

Question: Why come your blog is not as popular as some other blogs like the Dilbert Blog, Allengator?

Answer: I think that not as many people access my blogs on here because, uh, some people do not have the internet, such as Missouri, and Arkansas, like such as, and I think that that contirbutes to my blog not being popular. People who do not have the Internet, uh, can not get onto the Internet. I think it is our job to, uh, help, uh, people onto the Internet, so we can provide a brighter future for, uh, us. If we help people in Missouri, and Arkansas, like such as, we can definately get people onto the, uh, interwebs, uh, like such as.

The Allengator

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