Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Anger (Due to) Management

I am normally a happy go lucky person, methinks. I mean I try to be slow to anger, patient, and as kind as I can be. With that said, people on facebook are probably wondering, "Why is Allengator furious?" I haven't been this mad since.....well, I can't remember. I mean yeah, I might get upset from time to time for a day or so at someone or something, but I rarely get just plain out mad.

Last week sucked. On a scale of 1 to 10, the most I would give it is a 2.7. That bad. It just wasn't good.

My lappy is delayed another week. That is what started the whole "me mad" thing. I sent a rather scathing letter (serious, but dignified) to the company, and I even called them. You know it's bad if I, me, the Allengator, have to call them. I HATE calling tech. support. I got another guy (guess what, heavy accent, barely understandable English. I went "Can you repeat that, please." about a dozen times a minute) who told me everything I already knew. The longest any repair in our family took was a month. I was still ok with a month. Most wouldn't be. It has been over a month and a half. Since August 1st, I have sent it off and I will not get a computer any earlier than September 27th. The freakin' 27th. Nearly October in other words. I demanded to get their supervisor. Again, I feel like I am being treated by dirt by a huge conglomerate, but power to the people, right? Until the situation is resolved and I have a lappy in my hands, I will drag HP's name through the dirt, maybe even longer as they deserve it. They are a terrible company.

Speaking of evil conglomerates, I really do not like work. My workload has increased terribly due to consolidation of department managers, but the up front semi-managers do not care. I am not proud of Wall*Mart. I am not proud of what I do. I could care less if our stupidcenter was struck by a meteorite. Yes, I am upset.

To add insult to injury, came home last night, and my clothes are scattered all over the living room. MY parents have went into my room, invaded my privacy, and just totally made me even more furious. I said I would take care of it later, I jsut have too many projects I need to do for school and church. They have no patience. None. I wonder where I got mine from. They also put my sleeping clothes in the wash, so I was force to sleep in my workclothes last night, so not only was I uncomfortable, but I kinda reek as well. Thanks for nothing!

There are too many questions and not enough answers floating in my head. I want to be able to be me again, but that will not happen in the near future. I have too many fires going on in my life right now. I have too many reponsabilities. I have too much stress. I have prioritized until I can't blink, but it does no good. I wish I could just leave everything behind and start somewhere remote, because, evidently, I am the only one capable of making myself happy. No work. No accounting. No managers. Just me and myself. The I will continue being tortured in this life, which is where I am now.

My main point is to just give you a heads up. If I am short or just look like I could strangle a bunny, just ignore it. I am going to make myself 'invisable' on here, because I need some time to myself. I'll be on here, I just don't feel like talking to people, as they have been continually disappointing me lately. I wish I had better news, I wish I could go back to doing "Petey's" or "Fables" again, but it won't be for a while. I just want the pain and misery to go away, but it never will (no, that is NOT a threat on my life and if you thought that, than a) You don't know me. b) You should be ashamed for thinking thst of me. c) Don't tell me because it'll just add fuel to my fire.).

Sorry for the disappointment everyone. I am just clearly not myself today...or yesterday....or probably tomorrow.....

The Allengator

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