Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Preview of the Coming Attraction

I need a break from programming, homework, work, and watching DVDs. I thought I would divulge into something I mentioned last time, which is the "game" I am making.

I am using a language called "IFML", a mix of XML, HTML, Javascript, and garbage, I mean English. It is a game engine similar to MUDs, for people who have heard of them.

Our assignment was to create a game of about 10-20 scenes using this engine. We need to make it "challenging" "Rated G" aka, where any mother owuld play it, "Beatable", and above all, "fun". On top of everything, we need documentation.

I have spent the last week and a half typing up roughly 10 pages of code and documentation, minus other homeworks and the blog entry. It is a lot of work. I hope I get a decent grade, but from what I seen, if our class is graded on a curve, I shouldn't be too worried as is.

I have good ideas for games. Most, however, require a graphical interface, not a text-based one. So I had to come up with something on the spot. With my snarkiness and reading of the last book of the Hitchhiker's Guide series, I decided to make a game mostly based on the dialoge. The main focus is to be humorous. It is not at all challenging, but the replay value is high because of the "easter eggs" I have implemented throughout the game. I also strived to make the incorrect paths more humorous just to let people enjoy messing up more.

The game is called "The Interweb", with the person impersonating a man named "Chad Slabbody". If that name doesn't make you snicker, than you need to find a sense of humor (and if you know what I am referancing, give yourself a gold star). The overall extremely short summary in one sentence is, "One man's non-epic andventure to get on, and off, Al Gore's greatest invention, the Internet". Thst in and of itself makes the game to where people want to play it.

I tried to put whatever pop culture items in here, like Chad Slabbody, mostly in the realm of "Geek/Nerd culture. For example, Chad's first decision os to either put his coffee on the boring table, or the correctly-sized CD tray. I also poke fun at various games. Take Zero Wing for example and the "All your base are belong to us" meme. In one part of the game, I said "someone has set up you the password. You try to release ZIGs for fragging, but you remember you don't know where your ZIG files are". Something to that effect anyways. I also made fun of the text based genre in general. If a user inputs 'pause' on the opening scene, you get, "you pause in your utter brilliance, stupid, as a reply, because there is no pause button in the text world. I also said your opening inventory is "Sleep deprivation" and "no coffee". This is truly the behemoths of all games. I also poke fun at my employer, but you will have to see what I named it ;) (originally I wanted to name it Baal Mart, but it has to be rated 'G' :( )

I have put hours into this game, mostly for the grade, partially because I wanted to and had too much time on my hands. I haven't a clue as to how I will post it on the net yet. I have two options. Either to put it as a web page on my site, or as a file to download (it is a very quick download, and easy instructions). My hope is that some of you will play it and enjoy it. You may think its stupid, but remember the moron who spent hours on it.............without his the stupid campus computer lab...........that makes him want to cry..............yeah.........

It should be up before the end of the month, I hopes.

Just wanted to let you know how the game's going. My personal life is another matter all together, but we will save that for another lifetime.

Please take care of yourselves.

The Allengator

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