Allen (allengator86) wrote,

(Hopefully) Short Hiatus

Just wanted to announce to people who talk to me on the net that I am not going to be on a lot as of the next few days, if not weeks.

My good lappy is out for repairs, so I can't use it. My other lappy just finally bit the byte and just will not work anymore, and I am weary of getting it repaired as it will cost a bit. I just need to get the information off the hard drive, then it will be my official new 'computer project'.

I am currently shopping for a new desktop computer. I would love to have another lappy, but unfortunately the cheap ones just will not perform at the level I want them too. If I want one I like, I'd have to pay some good money, and I am just a poor college kid *sniff*.

So I think I have found a good one to get, but I am going to ask my friends about it before I dive into it. I just need a tower that can run visual studio, iTunes (because the vids will not work on my laptop), and Microsoft Office. I have everything else but the actual tower itself.

Anyways, all jargon aside, I am just saying without a lappy, I am not going to be online as much. Mostly in the afternoons on non-school days, and evenings on school days.

So, sadly, this/these blog(s) will not be on my priority list for the next few days, as I have homework and other more pressing matters to tend to.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. Thanks.

The Allengator

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